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The pair that I received were unfortunately defective, the stitching made the left mitt almost half the size they actually are. On top of that the pair I ordered were a size medium, the inside of the mitt fits more like a small. The wrist cuffs are too tight for the length of the mitten. Also, the mitt itself on the inside feels like a small but the stitching on the tip of your fingers makes the glove feel like a large. It makes it really bulky and not easy to use your hands, which is really annoying. They are not that warm either.


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Don't get me wrong, I love the jacket. April is right it looks great with out the vest. I prefer to wear it without the vest because it is less bulky. If you're looking for a jacket that is insulated I would not order this one unless you plan to layer well underneath and wear the vest. I wear this on warmer sunny park days and in the city. It sounds like some come with wrist gaiters and others don't(depending on where you order it from) but I believe dogfunk's come with wrist gaiters, mine did anyway. The only real issue I have had with the coat is the stitching on the chest pocket for your iPod, it is coming apart, but I use this pocket the most. Other than that, its a sweet jacket.


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This jacket is awesome. The shell is the perfect thickness for me. It has a couple of legit sized pockets inside. Nice velro pocket on the outside of the jacket to hold your ipod or iphone. The vest is really warm. You could wear just the shell on an average day, and throw on the vest when it gets a little colder. :)