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You better believe it, these are way more durable than the classic slip ons (I know if your ride a skateboard you have tried skating in those) These shoes actually have a bit of padding under foot so a 8 foot drop isn't going to bruise your heel.

Great feature changing from a slip-on to a lace shoe. I still haven't kicked these over a fence trying to flick a tre flip up a step up yet. (hold strong laces!)


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This board is super light and insanely fun. I have had a chance to ride a few reverse camber boards, and all I can say is K2 got it right. In the park you can butter a box like you never thought possible. Now I know what you are thinking, "Tip and tail turned up? How am I going to get an edge?" well the answer is I have no idea how the physics work but you are going to lock in to every turn like a downhill GS skier. (Or boarder take your pick.)The sintered base on this lets you bounce off rocks like they are made of rubber and cruise down the hill at break-neck speeds that make the Indy 500 look like a turtle race.Long explanation short. You'll buy it. You'll love it. If you break it you should be riding professionally or you should avoid trees better.