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Being able to connect via my iPhone is key. You can totally manage the gopro through your phone, over bluetooth. There is about a 3 second delay, but it's key to be able to see what you are recording. The camera is smaller too, which is nice. The video quality has improved too.

Overall a great update.


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The beauty of the GoPro HD is that it's very small and High Def (HD). So you can literally take it anywhere and get amazing videos, and the occasional good picture. They have designed the case so that it's water and shock proof. I ski with, I mtn bike with it, I run with it. The only attachment I use is the head mount for skiing. I've tried the head strap and the chestie while running and the video turned out slightly more wobbly than if I had just had it in my hand.

It works best when the sun is out, and is worthless in bad lighting. Photos seem to be even more sensitive to poor light. For pictures there is no view finder, so you simply hold it out, in the direction of what you want to take a photo of. The other huge glaring issue is that because it's so very small there is virtually no room for user a friendly interface, so we're all left to learn (often the hard way) the language of the OS.

So, it's good for actions shots in good light. It's bad for almost everything else.


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I like these tights as I feel like they give me some special support and compression when exercising.

Trail Running: They are great unless there is a chance of ever having a tiny bit of bushwhacking or overgrown trail. Then, as you can see in my photo - they will be torn to shreds.

Backcountry Skiing: Again I love the support. However for backcountry skiing I need to be able to pee without having to untie them every time. If I don't tie them tight, they fall down and you end up fighting the crotch every step. Although they give great support, they are not good for backcountry skiing because they MUST be tied.

Pretty Tight