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I wanted this board for a few years and finally found one for a good price. I'm 6'1", 205 lbs with size 13 feet, and thought the 166 Wide was going to be amazing for freeriding on advanced terrain. I took it to Tahoe and Snowbird in 2009. Unfortunately I really didn't like it for the following reasons:
1. Waist width of 27.3 cm - so wide as to be unwieldy. I have big feet but I think you'd need size 15 or bigger, or ride at fully 0 degrees stance, to utilize it. With a regular slightly ducked (19f / -12r) stance, it felt way too big under my feet and I had to practically throw it from edge to edge.
2. The sidecut felt grabby and unstable. Maybe I just wasn't used to a tapered progressive shape, but it felt wiggly and catchy and i wasn't comfortable on it.
3. For such a big board, I couldn't believe that I couldn't get a wider stance than 23". And this is after tweaking everything possible to get the bindings wider apart - i think the inserts only go to 22", which is insanely narrow for a board of this size. That contributed to my uneasiness riding the board, and also made my legs get tired faster than with a wider stance.

Overall I think this board could work for guys over 6'2" and 220lbs, with feet size 15 and up. Speaking only from my experience, this is too big and too stiff for anyone smaller.
(This review is of the 07/08 pantera 166 wide, the one with the stylized panther graphic on the base.)


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I really wanted to like these pants. They fit great, look cool and have great specs. But the pants-bib zipper broke on the first day of riding in them. I taped them up for the rest of the trip but was not confident in it. The zipper is tiny and weak and it's unfortunate that an otherwise great pant is ruined by it.


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If these pants weren't too small, they'd be my pants this season. I'm 6'1", 205 lbs so the Large was just too tight on me. Well made and thought out, although the zipper on the inner leg vents might take some use to loosen up. Not so sure about the rainbow vent zipper. Otherwise very well made and designed.