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awesome... but a PITFA to put on...well actually mounting them is easy, but i wanted them in the pattern shown in the pictures...and they come just as you see, individually

so i cut the plastic border out of the box, and the backing of the cardboard, and used them with blue painters tape to create a border. then used the plastic (it has recessed holes for them to fit in for showcase) and marked on the tape where each pyramid border was

after that it was easy.... just a pita

def use rubbing alcohol on the board before hand... directions say to use a hair dryer to heat up the board before mounting - i dunno. dont own one

mountain opens this weekend so i havent tried on there, but went on my backyard with snow and tried it. work well


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this isnt really a review on the bindings really, since i have not been able to use them

they look awesome, looked and felt good quality, and i liked the features more so in person than on paper

but...they would not mount to my skate banana. ive mounted tons of bindings, so i gave up and even went to EMS down the street and he couldnt do it.

the baseplate and binding itself on these makes you stand real high off the board, and was just too tall to have their screws actually screw in... i think the skate's holes are a little recessed so that might be it. not sure

not a "dont get this" but if you plan on mounting to a skate banana (and maybe another lib tech) i would advise to change your mind...sending these back today