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No snowboard is going to be perfect for everything, but this board definitely comes close. Whether you're in the park, or bombing some steep slopes, it'll handle whatever you throw at it. Mine is the 2011-2012 model so the graphics are a bit different but I don't believe they've made any huge differences since I bought mine. It's not as stiff as say the Dark Series (also an epic board) but it's also not as soft as the skate banana. If you're only going to buy one snowboard, let this be the one. The base isn't sintered, it's extruded, so it's a little slower than some higher performing boards but it's still very fast when you put good wax on it.

Between the Magnetraction, and the BTW rocker/camber, this board can handle any condition you throw at it. I'm 5'10" ~200lbs and I ride a 157.


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I've only taken this board out once or twice...but it immediately showed me what it is capable of. It is a very stiff board when compared to the Lib Tech TRS (I have the dark series in 158, TRS in 157) and the Dark Series absolutely rips! I'm on the east coast and the winter is barely puttering along at the moment so my conditions may not match a lot of western riders experiences, but this thing has taken everything I've thrown at it with ease. bombing down a slope at 45 mph? No problem with this board. The number one thing I've noticed which I love is the added control you get with the bamboo org throttle plates. They're basically plates of bamboo where the grain is going perpendicular to the rest of the board and they're placed right under your bindings. The result? Increased control and a quicker edge to edge transition, and the added stiffness this board has really helps when going fast over icy terrain, my feet don't feel anywhere near as much shock as they do when riding the TRS. The base is fast, and I wax it with bluebird all temp wax.

If you're at all serious about ripping up your mountain, and want a board that will keep up, buy this thing.

I'm 5'10" ~200lbs and I ride the 158.


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These pants fit great, they're a little less baggy than your average snowboard pants, and they're not incredibly insulated, but there's still plenty of room for layering, and no need to worry about how well you can move in these.

My only complaint (and it is a minor one) is that the velcro on the pockets tears up my base layers. If they switched where the hook and loop velcro bits are, I think it would result in less damage to my base layers. (currently, the hook side of the velcro is on the flap covering the pockets, when you reach into your pocket your forearm rubs against this hard velcro and it starts to rip up your softer base layers)