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You should be fine without a wide. Just make sure you get some boots with shrinkage tech. They fit like an 11 but are the size of a 10. At any rate I wear a size 11.5 and have no problems on a 25.4cm board. I wear Burton Imperial boots. You may also want to check out Rome boards, they tend to be more like mid-wides in the longer sizes and they make good stuff.

Decent helmet
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My head measures close to 57CM and I find that the Medium fits perfect. I also have a smith vantage helmet and the Vantage is a tad lighter on the head but this helmet is not by any means heavy. I got this helmet because the vantage in matte white just looks too much like a bike helmet for my liking.The profile of the Commander is not bad either and I've attached a pic to show what it would look like if you're on the slopes. Not super low profile, but definitely not the bobble head look either.


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These bindings are appropriately named "Force", because the amount of force needed to unbuckle the toe strap is somewhere in between the Jaws of Life and a Vise. If you dare to try and disengage the toe buckle without gloves on there is a good chance you could rip a hole in your finger or rip a finger nail off. Seriously, with cold hands, the pain is unbelievable.

The binding itself seems to be good, but the fact I may need to call the FD to remove myself from the toe strap means these guys are going back.

You've got a good product Union, unfortunately it has a major flaw that makes them unusable. The fact this big of a flaw would make it through QA is somewhat amazing in itself. Fix it.

And yes, I know, there are like two people out there who have buckles with no issues, let me assure you, that does not represent the masses of us with the issue.


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The boots have a very small profile and next to my Burton Invaders of the same size, they are nearly 3/4" shorter in length and also have a much reduced overall profile compared to my Invaders. Basically the Invaders look like moon boots next to these.

My only complaints are that I seem to get a lot of heel lift in these boots and also get a pressure point on the top of my foot if I lace them too tight trying to avoid the heel lift, yet the boots fit perfectly. From a comfort standpoint I believe that my Invaders are much more comfortable and also seem to hold my heel better, but I wear these because of the smaller overall profile and also I'm a size 11 and want to avoid any heel/toe drag.


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Stomp pad worked great while it was there. 2nd day out it fell off somewhere on the mountain. Before applying the pad I cleaned the board very well and applied it very meticulously. It was extremely cold the second time I was out (16- 18 degrees) so maybe that had something to do with it.
I did buy the medium mat for my GF's board and hers seems to be sticking just fine. I had a devil of a time getting all the leftover stickum off my board though.