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I have used this product several times already this season, as I recently made this purchase for the upcoming snow season. I used to go with a hard plated molded knee pad, but those ended up hurting my knees after a shock, and they were also heavy IMO. So far everything has worked out really well with these. I've tried them on 3 trips already with solid performance. These pads do not feel as restrictive as my last ones and the fabric the holds the pads are moisture wicking, so my legs and back of my knees stay dry. I also like that they have added a silicone lining around the openings of the top and bottom holes. This keeps the knee pad from moving up or down a whole lot. These pads are also much easier to store away when the day or season is over.


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This will be my second season with these Goggles, and I they have been nothing short of awesome. The tightness is highly adjustable and I've never had a problem with them slipping down or up (this is due to the anit-slip silicon strips that line the inside of the goggle strap. I have been a big fan of my Oakley sunglasses for years and these goggles offer the same, great durability, and plenty of style ways.


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I have to say I was really excited about these boots, they were very minimalistic and they had the BOA like system for tying my shoes, which was really important to me. That latter feature was really brought my expectations down.

After strapping in and tying everything really tight, then taking it on two lift runs I found that the laces/strings, were already coming loose. This was a re-occurring theme every 3 lifts. To have to continue tightening your boots is a inconvenience.

I am used to wearing 9.5 for rental equipment, so I figured this would be the right size for me. I am not sure if it is just that my boots need to be broken in, but my pinkie toes seemed to feel the crush at the end of the day and I sometimes can't wait to peel off the boot.

I will say that the boot is very easy to take off, since the laces/ties loosen easily anyway! :) But all kidding aside, it does get the job done and poses a slight inconvenience. I ended up sticking with these boots mainly because I stupidly threw away the box, so I couldn't return them anymore.

If I was looking to buy new boots, I would go with certified BOA boots. Burton has just made their own BOA-like system here, so these aren't really like the real stuff. Spend the extra time and money to research the shoes.

Otherwise these were the cheapest boots I could find with a speed lacing system, at the time that I bought them, so I went with these. Again, I'd recommend considering investing some money in your boots, you want to get it right the first go around.


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For being my very first board, I was really stoked with the selection. I'm about 5'9 146, so I went with the 154 because on most of the rental boards that I have tried, this size seemed the most manageable for me in terms of size and potential speed.

Riding the board for the first time took some getting used to because it felt really light and slick, in comparison to the worn out rental boards I was use to. But this only helped getting down the slope faster and the maneuverability. I do notice that the back fin is smaller and I do think it helps my carving a bit. Feels a lot more fluid.

My color (red) board is similar to the Burton TWC Pro board that is also offered. I've gotten a few questions from other riders about it, still have not come across anyone else with the same board, pretty strange.

I'm hoping this board will last me several seasons, it's been great so far.


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I got into Snowboarding about a year ago, and have been enough times where I know I will be returning many more times. Attaching these bindings to my board was not difficult. Just three screws to attach my bindings to my snowboard. I few slight adjustments to the straps and I was ready to go. Have been boarding about 4 full days already with these bindings and they do appear to be holding up pretty well.