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I seriously don't leave my house without these. I really mean it, if you were to check my right pocket right now, I actually have these. They are super easy to use, all you need to do is just mount them on the right corner of your i phone and voila you can either use the wide-angle, fisheye, or just unscrew either lens and you've got yourself a macro (10x or a 15x). I've used em on all type of conditions; on my snowboard, on my motorcycle, and even at the bars taking pictures of all the great company. SeriouLSY need to get yourself one of these.

The only downside to these are that if you happen to have an invisashield on your phone, the clip's tension will get in the way and peel the shield of your phone. What I did was just cut the corner of the shield with a razorblade to have the clip fit slightly above the line where the cut was made. Works like a charm!


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At first glance, the bindings don't have much of a captivating aesthetic to them. However, if you flip the bindings upside down you'll notice the 4 bushings on each corner of the base. You might think it's just another gimmick, but I highly recommend you give these a try. It was noticeable on my first turn.

If you're a skater, you'll have a decent idea on the mechanics of it. Imagine your skateboard trucks are slightly loosened, so you're able to get those quick-responsive turns. The bushings act very parallel to the loose-truck maneuverability.

When I first stepped into them, they do run slightly bigger than normal bindings do. I initially thought this might be sketchy causing my boots to move while riding, but surprisingly it stayed in place and the neither the toe straps nor the ankle straps moved during the whole time I rode.

On turns they are suppppper fun. If you've ever watched the old Robot Food films, specifically the Afterbang movie, there's a scene where Travis Parker (the ultimate boarder God) is just carving back and forth like buttering cake, it's really that easy to access those turns.

I've used these both in the park and the backcountry. It's very responsive on powder, and they weren't as stiff as I thought it would be in the park. I was able to spin perfectly well on these and they were quick on both my toeside and heelside brakes. Great dampening effect on the base as well, I love how the base plates were super accessible with the different styles of boards out there. I used these on a 3-d hole pattern Burton Board, and they were easily mounted with just two screws on each binding, and even made it easier to throw my stance a bit narrower as well.

Overall, I'm a fan of the NOW bindings, they're very versatile, other than them running slightly larger than most binding baseplates, they hold your boots in very well, and you're always able to adjust the straps with the tooless screws that they come with.


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I actually rode these for two seasons straight, the one in the picture is one from a season before, but I've also rode the current years model as well.

Another favorite feature on this guy is

Definitely a fan of Burton and their products, I personally am a fan of the regular custom, but the flying v definitely performs super well in the powder. I rarely ragdolled with this while riding powder, and I'm pretty sure due to to the rocker shape of the flying v.

If you've tried out customs before, and wanted that extra help in the powder, these help so much. I don't get to ride powder often, but when I do they are smooth.

This is not a stiff board at all, but if you're looking for some super-stiff board with hybrid construction, these would work as well, it's got the Frostbite edges which will hold your grip on those fast turns. I couldn't really tell they were there, most likely cause I got used to them so fast, but if you were an ice-coaster (east coat or midwest) snowboarder, I'm more than sure you can tell the difference.

I don't really like to switch boards on and off, so taking these out when I want a mixture of powder and park, this is the perfect board for it.

On jumps they are ok, they're not great. Rotating they do just a fine job, however, when I land, it was fairly easy to wash out, and this could be due to the fact that its a v-construction so it isn't a jump-specific board. On rails they are great, helped me press easy as it wasn't a stiff deck.

Overall, I really liked this board and if I had some extra doh, I would definitely give these a go again. Very fun board!

Photo: Ian Matteson


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I've tried over a good 20 sets of bindings just from Burton alone, and I can see why they keep putting these out season after season. Personally, they weren't my favorite 4-5 seasons ago, but I'm pretty familiar with these so I gave these a try.

I rode it through powder, park, pipe, sidecountry, and even down to the parking lot. My favorite features on these are easily the base along with the comfort of the straps. They are real quick to the turn and edge in real well with the board. They ride like any other bindings do on the rail. These bindings also don't have any pressure points at all. I've used the same boots on various models of bindings, and some have given me weird pressure spots on my ankle, but I didn't get any whatsoever with these.

I like the design of the heelcup, it edged in well with my Burton Rampants, and stayed in place and never slipped through any forward lean. The highbacks are much better too these year, they aren't super stiff so tweaking came easy.

The re-flex base plates are on point. I've seriously boosted and spun with these and you can really tell the absorption of the bindings upon landing, so if you're someone looking to catch sky and land hard, these are a great option.

The only complaint I had with these were the toe straps, after taking it for a couple laps I can tell the toe straps didn't want to stay on, luckily this can be fixed since they have the quick n easy tool-less screw to adjust the strap (whether you want it shorter or longer in length).

Great bindings, and one last thing, the zero-lean high back are the word, so if you're a jibber or rail slayer, definitely try these out, they are money!


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I chose to go with these pants, because they look great. I don't like wearing super baggy pants that are wide, and prefer the slim yet slightly baggy look. These are the perfect choice and the in-betweener for my personal taste.

An added perk to this piece is the drawcord around the waist. In case you forgot to strap your belt to the pant or not a fan of the added bulk around the hip bones, these are ninja as hell and will keep you super light so you can get that added pop when you need it most.

They aren't the most waterproof, but they hold up perfectly fine when I'm riding powder, probably wouldn't be the best rain pants btw. These are made of great quality polyester twill so they are very bombproof if you're in the streets, stack'n footy and takin slams like Jenna J.

I've actually got my car broken into late last year, and the "not so nice word" person stole these along with my other belongings, but I loved the pants so much I had to get another pair. They have the lace and hook like the lined zip crotch vent like most snow pants aren't too slim where it'll constrict you're movement.

Photo: Ian Matteson



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I actually tested this board out from one of my buddies who was repping Burton at the time. I had the opportunity to test this guy out for a couple weeks so it was really unfortunate once I had to let it go.

The greatest asset to this board in particular is its' versatility. Like the Burton Custom, it comes with the Super Fly II Core so it gets rid of that unwanted swing weight if you're a jumper or spinner. I, myself, am a park rat, so riding this board was perfect from top to bottom. On the jibs, it presses perfectly and off jumps its really responsive to the direction of spin, which is surprising for a flat deck (in between bindings).

Then again, you have one of those days where it just puked a whole foot, and the park is just perfectly groomed as well. If you're torn between what to hit, I highly suggest you take it for a few perfect powder laps then go for a park run after chopping up the sidecountry. It's got the early rise on both the tail and tip (ace for all you reg to switch riders) so it will be effortless butter on your way down the mountain.

My personal suggestion is that you can get away with a smaller board on this specific model. People who ride park enjoy the control they have with a shorter length board, especially on rails, and if you wanted to take it for a lap on the chowder you get the best of both worlds with the early rise.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the squeezebox tech that's mixed into this deck. You think it's just another gimmick that Burton throws in for shits and giggles. But this thing is literally a manifestation of a rider's dream turned reality. If you love flex with the added stability and that even distribution of weight across the whole wood, this is the shit! You can't literally go for a nose press and light up a cig and chill, but it gives you that added assurance of control and pop right when you need it.


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I tested these boys out on the fly. My other board hadn't been waxed for a good decade (jokingly bs'ing here) and I figured I had tried every single line of Burton Customs out that I'd try the new ones out.

I strapped them through powder, rails, jumps, pipe, and found tranny through each thicket alpines of the Rocky's. I've pressed both nose and tail and slid front + back, and spun back and front on em. Can't complain, and they're verrrrrrrry responsive off jumps.

For an all-mountain/park board they handle the jibs very well. I would highly recommend these for those looking to charge groomer laps or those taking up their jump skills to the next level. I've tried each custom model from the last four years that Burton has put out, and this is their best one yet.


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LOVE these boots! Keep in mind that these boots are a soft-mid flex on the spec rating scale. If you're someone who like to get up in the morning, pick up coffee at your favorite local brew, crack a Cold One in the parking lot while lazily throwin on your boots, lacing em up tight/loose/ or however you prefer, and throwing down Thunder on rails, these are your babies!

I've used these in every single terrain imaginable and put over 200 days on em. If you prefer stiffer boots and like retaining all that added potential energy after coming around from your double corks, these probably won't be your best bet. Unless you find tranny like day break, and you like hiking rails or simple jib features, these will be your best partner in crime, and I stand by it.

People who are looking to get these are looking for LIGHT boots, and it simple will provide that for you. If you're contemplating on buying these because you just aren't sure which boot to go with from the other 5 that are on your screen, get these!

Keep in mind that warranty that Burton offers, they have a great program for it, so if anything does happen to go wrong just hit them up and they'll be more than willing to take you under their arms.

And for the fit, they fit very true to size. My roommate who has the Sasquatch prints fit into these in his exact size. If you like added toe space, go up a half size, if you;re someone who like their toe just brushing up against the tip of the liners, go with your true shoe-size.

Other than that, keep shredding hard, and throw down as hard as you get down!

Photo: Ian Matteson



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I've owned plenty of sunglasses throughout my life. These by far are my favorites. It's strange how with each glasses I've owned my skills of acquiring my specific preference gets better and better.

These in particular are plain and simple the shit! Best part about these shades are how light-weight they are. I do a ton of activities in these, and the rubber grips on the side of the frames are its biggest asset. It'll stick to your face whether your upside down on your shred stick or going 80 on a motorcycle.

Make sure to check out the specs on these bad boys. Backcountry did a great job posting the lens/bridge/temple measurements on their spec's section. If you're someone with a slimmer nose bridge and a facial structure which isn't too elongated from the front to back these will fit like a dream.

Oh yea, and just to throw it in there, make sure you pick these up in the polarized version as well, it will make or break your day whether you're out fishing or if your snowboarding on a super sunny day.


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These are just your simple goggles with great aesthetics! I've used these for 3 seasons now and they've worked in every single possible conditions you can imagine. If you aren't into the whole astronaut looks and you're a lover of the old classic frames, these are the ones. Not only that but Ashbury was literally started by the guys who were tied to the industry both as pros and those who wished to add some of their own mix to the eyewear game. Plus their customer service is the best part about the company. I once needed a replacement lens, hit up Ashbury and had Nima Jalali, who is one of the original founders/pro for the company send me my replacement all in a span of two days. Great goggles and easy to change!