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I bought these pants in the Green colorway to match my Union Forces. Everything went fine, until i opened the box and tried them on. I'm 5'8 and 135 lbs. soaking wet, and the pants were too big for me.

The bottom of the pants where it meets the boots is flared out. I don't rock ultra skinny pants, but i opted for the KR3W K-Slim Denim Pants instead. I thought they wouldn't be that bad, even for a size SMALL, but when i tried them on i called Dogfunk.com (Backcountry.com's Evil Twin) to begin the return process. Smooth as always from these guys.

If you like 'em baggy, rock 'em. The ratings of 20k/15k is above normal for the price break.

Peace. Mister Han.


I/OS's Are Made For Asian People.
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When i like gear, i write a review.

I like these goggles.Smith makes a similar goggle called the I/O. They are larger but they still got the hemispherical lens, which was a huge selling point for me among other things. These goggles just fit my face. I'd previously had Spy Optics, and i had tried Oakley's, Anon's, etc. These are made for my face, i'm serious. They came in a Orange Hard-case, with microfiber goggle bags. One for the Goggles and one for the additional Lens. The reason these cost a little more is because these come from the factory with an additional lens. Figure that into the price of the other pair of goggles you're comparing with, and it's a fair fight.

On my face, they are not space-invaders. What i mean is that my Spy Optics are huge in comparison. These hug my face and have a lower profile. It just looks cooler. It felt cooler too.

They did fog up, but all goggles fog up. After a temperature swing, the heat from my body started to fog the goggles up a little. The Porex filter helps in dissipating it fast, but it still happened. I spent the rest of the day not fidgeting with the goggles and they stayed fog-free.

They are built tough, and they are really shiny, so it made me want to take care of them more. You get what you pay for, and these are nice. Really nice.

Peace. Mister Han.


5 5

GNU's Park Pickle. I love this board, and i have had ZERO buyer's remorse. It was my 2nd season out and 8 days at Snowmass/Aspen, Colorado sealed the deal for me. Here's the run-down.

I didn't get my board from Backcountry.com, but i guess it doesn't matter because Backcountry does things right. So anyways, a little about me. 5'8, 140 lbs., intermediate rider, that prefers cruising the groomers and hitting natural jumps, with butters all over.

That said, let me get into the tech that i liked. Magna-traction = ill. Asymmetrical sidecuts = easier heelside turns. BTX = Rocker Done Right. I really felt the Magna-traction when i'd go over icy spots. It didn't snow the whole time up in Colorado, so the first couple of days were nice, declining with every day. By the end of the trip i'd hit a couple of patches of ice, and with a Burton rental i would have wiped out. With the Magna-traction, to me it helped. More contact points, better contact, right?! The heel-side sidecut felt gimmicky to me at first, until i started cranking out carves. I could definitely tell after i dialed my Union Force Binding's highback to a sharper angle. From 90 degrees to about 75 degrees (3 on 1-5 scale). Heel-side carves were golden.

People are going to hate on Banana Tech because people are dumb. I say let them, or instead of buying the Skate Banana get the Park Pickle. The whole time in Colorado, i only saw one other guy with the Pickle. I saw 10 Skate Bananas. Go figure.

Something cool i learned last night while looking at the damage i caused with 10 days of riding so far. Is that you don't have to de-tune anything. This board doesn't have the metal on the tip and tail. I'm guessing to keep the butters easier and the flex of the board softer, but i checked and there is nothing to grind down.


4 5

I had them for a good solid 8 days out in Colorado's Snowmass Mountain. I can honestly say i loved them, and i hated them. This is my 2nd season out, and instead of renting i bought my gear. These boots were on the top of my list prior to hitting the mountain after a year and a half off.

At first i was truly impressed with the CLAW lace lock. It really tucks your heel in nice. The skateboard shoe feel to the boots really shined apres snowboarding. The lace-ups were fresh and they throw in a pair of black laces along with the white ones. J-Bars stuck nicely to the inside of the boot with tough velcro, but i did have to check sometimes in the morning when i'd put my liners back in if i knocked them out of their velcro holds. It wasn't too cold in Colorado, (-5 to 40 degrees) all week, but my toes never felt cold the whole time.

On to what i didn't fall in love with. They packed out fast. I mean i was getting heel lift after day 3. I hate lacing up twice, and that's what i was doing. First before the day's beginning run, and then again after the 2nd lift. I wouldn't have minded, but it really just irked me how after tightening my boots up, without pressure points so it was still a little loose, i'd get this heel lift. J-Bars were in, Inner liner lacing was tight, but i'd get heal lift. I don't know what to say. If i tightened the inner liner's lacing up to keep my heel stuck, i'd get pressure points. If i loosened them, i'd get heel lift. Go figure.

Celsius is a newer company but they focus entirely on boots. I give it up to them, for i chose them over 32's, which means they were relevant enough with the bigger companies. I just felt the newer company vibe to them, after the 2nd day. They are learning from people like me and you, and i still support the smaller under-dogs. Let's hope they get it right next season.

Peace. Mister Han.