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i got this jacket off brociety for 100$ and its worth 300, i love it every time i put it on, mad comfy, mad warm, so soft, not to mention it looks awesome, the inner sleeve removable cuffs broke right away but thats expected,and its the only problem ive had with it, it fits one size down too, i usually wear a medium for clothes but the small fits like a glove! dont expect those cuff things to stay,purchase it knowing that he will break off they are held in by buttons each and the things are thick so you have to force your hands into em, regardless the jacket is amazin, ts well constructed beautiful an every Aspect of it works, the thing has probably about 20 pockets and a i pod case thing inside, every attachment you could ever want pit vents and it is just too awesome

and my last name is wellington so i thought that was pretty cool


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i got theses shoes because they are dope as hell as you can tell, i love them and wear em all the time they are so comfortable and i always get comments on them, i got a pair of red suede red patent leather with a few small gold features, those colors aren't featured on this site but the shoes are the same, i got them in late sept. and i ear them 5 days a week about to school and on my daily stuff, not to work, they still look notice from a distance but if you get anywhere near them you can see ho every seam is a out to pop apart,all of the leather is weathered creased badly, the soles are super worn,all of the piping-esque seams near the rear of the she have all lost color and the orst part is ..... i dont even skate them, im about to retire a pair of shoes after 3 and a half month, and i always get 6 months out of a pair of shoes