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Fits well (I wear a beanie underneath). The new Dial a strap they put in as of last year helps with the fit, and when it breaks, you can just rip it out. The new ear flap mechanism is also nice, even though I took them off. The helmet has minimal gap with Anon Solace goggles. Rad! I wear it when i go cycling as well in the summer time as well.


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For discontinuing the Serow in North America.

The only other Vibram soled boots are the Driver X and SLX. This is an outrage.

I bought my Serows 2 sizes smaller than my normal boot size and after they packed out, I loved them. If I had to buy another pair, I'd get them 1.5 sizes too small instead. Perfect flex, great outsole, BOMBER leather that still looks new after 70 days (super duper Scuff resistant!!!)

Basically the world's best boot. Someone PLEASE beg Jake's goons to reevaluate the Serow for North America.


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Previous boots:

Northwave Legend (true to size)
Vans Contra Boa (true to size)
Burton Ion (1 size smaller than normal)
Burton Serow (2 sizes too small)

current boots: SLX (1.5 sizes too small)

Hurt a little bit on day one. Packed out just enough to make only my left foot hurt on day two. Packed out a little more on day 3. Put in J Bars after day 4 and they're perfect now.

Supportive, nicely sized toe box, easy to remove and put back liner (this is KEY)

Velcro is actually better than previous liner system (the orange strap thingie)

Vibram outsoles are always nice.

Not flashy (great for not attracting the attention and questions of idiots from sierrapatioland)

Basically the only boot on the planet that can even come close to Serows in my opinion.

Shame on Burton for not bringing the Serow back this year.


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Best pants ever.
Ronin 2L better be a bib pant next year.

*Update* No more Ronin 2L bibs anymore. No worries, I hoarded as many as I could and now I own 3 pairs in black, 2 in silver (one is NWT), one in sky blue, and one in white...

I will be rocking these until they fall apart.