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I'm 6'6'', hard to fit and this shirt (large, black-blue) fits just perfect. I am hard to please w/ synth shirts, but FINALLY pleased with the pattern, fit & colors on this shirt. I really dig the pattern / lines pulling in from the rib area and narrowing down the front is just sweet.

The only issue I had w/ the shirt was a small run / string that pulled on the right arm but I'm basically just buying 2 more and returning the first one. The run didn't bug me and for my uses, it doesn't matter.

This is a killer shirt, and I've finally learned to just buy 2 (at least) of everything I like because you can be sure that it'll get phased out after this year or whatever.


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I'm a 3-time Scarpa Crux fan (still keep one just for good times, not to destroy) and I love these just as much, though they are not yet as broken in.

I'm not using them so far for their true intended use in mountains / scrambling , etc...still ragging my Crux's for that so this is not a performance review. Its far more superficial: these are just for going out / being seen in town - and they get lots of viewing and questions. They are also much better constructed than the Crux's, and only slightly heavier but w/o feeling clunky or bulky.

That being said, they fit true to size - I wear 11 to 11.5 US and did the metric on that, fits perfectly. They are a tad stiff to start, but they don't hurt - they are just well made and not BS materials. They feel immediately comfortable inspite of the firmness however, so do not let that detract from your decision.

Keeping in mind that my use right now is entirely town / out , I do plan to eventually get them out on rock and such, but first I wanna just have one decent, clean pair of sweet kicks to have in town - and these look better than good for that.


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This hoodie looks a lot cooler than it fits or feels, not sure why - and that's only my take on it. First of all - the smell of this thing out of the bag was toxic...ugh.

I cannot stand hoodies / fleece that bunch up on you @ the waistband - who thinks that works? Esp after 2010. This one will pull my underlayer top out of my pants, so thats a huge bummer...constantly tucking that thing in. Makes you wonder if the people who designed it ever wore it...and why this type of 1980's type of elastic-style waistband is included.

I'll likely return it - it just has that dopey, dorky feel to it that makes me not feel right and conversely, feel retarded. Bad on you Oakley...this would be OK perhaps if the waistband wasn't permanent or if it could be let out slightly, varied. Bummed.