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Unanswered Question

Another question! Sorry guys Im new in the board-world!
This board comes in 153cm, 157cm and 161 cm and the sizing chart says that a board thats 161cm fits a rider thats 73 kg but I weigh 84 kg approx. Would it be totally stupid to buy the 161cm then?

Yeah I know imma noob, but id rather be a noob that asks stupid questions than waste my money and ruin my time in the snow! :D

Best regards! Oliver -DK

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Unanswered Question

Hey Big White Rider! First of all thanks for the great and detailed review of the Angus board! I have a question tho! You said that you have last years model of it. heres the deal; Im new to snowboarding (actually im out here buying my first board as I have only been skiing the last many years) but I was wondering if you had the regular version or the wide version of the Angus? you said it was too fast for the park so i thought of maybe the wide version is a bit slower?

Best regards!
Oliver from Denmark!

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