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I came into the store and told the guy i have a wide foot and needed good boots these were the first pair he brought out, I refused because A. I dont care for Burton, and B. There Shaun White boots. I tried on 30 other pairs of boots looking for boots that fit well couldn't find them, tried these on and they fit like a glove, stiff enough for a good feel, soft enough to move for park. These are GREAT boots i've had them now for 3 seasons and I ride 5 days out of the week. I'm amazed how well they've held up and still are. My next pair will very likely be the same exact boots


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I have ridden these now for 4 months and I can safely say these suck. I also own the Flows Which I have used for 2 seasons and I love them. The Flows feel 10 times better once you dial them in. There are a few things I like about the cinch. I can take my boot out on the trail and put them on sitting down. If I get new boots it doesn't take as long to adjust the bindings, and if I want them tighter it takes seconds. The Flows however are much better, they feel better, it's easier to get them on and off anywhere but in the middle of the slope, they have locks so they will not change settings, no toe strap that has one side to get stuck on toe setting, better material, easier to adjust once you get used to them, covers for everything, and CHEAPER. Take my advice pay more for CTX or go buy Flow