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its a sick board but just so everyone knows the board will either come with a white topsheet or a red topsheet and you dont have a choice of what you get! just warning you so you dont order one and buy white bindings expecting that sick all white setup and get a red board and your stuck with that color


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OK 1 this is not a snowskate this can be called either a snowdeck or bi-level a snowskate is totally different. Second look at that price are you serious why would you pay that much for a snowdeck when you could just get a new burton junkyard for like 150 bucks on ebay or an artec from zumiez ( http://www.zumiez.com/catalog/product/view/id/112045 ) for $40


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My first pair of cartels were the '06 cartel Ltds and thats all i can ride now days. cartels are just seriously the shit why ride a park binding made out of metal made by some other brand that will bend when you could get this that can go anywhere and just dominates the park


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This things suck so bad i love burton but cartels are the way to go. They have absolutly no response at all they fuckin creek like a bitch. if i pull my knees together i can lift the entire side if the binding up off the board flex it upward and the baseplate is just standard so that doesnt flex at all. you can ride rails with these but not enough support of nosepress or nose slide. there is no way that you can ride deep pow with these. i put them on my dominant and they are both so lose it worked ok but on somthing stiffer it would not work at all because they just simply arent stiff enough to make the board respond.


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I have never had worse boots. You put them on and as soon as you get to the lift line your feet already hurt. Then after 10 minutes of riding your feet hurt so bad you just wanna go in. It seriously sucks so bad that your boots are what holds you back from having a good days worth of riding. Then when you take your feet out and walk around it honestly feels like the bottoms of your feet are misshapen. there are parts of your foot that are touching the ground or getting extra weight put on them. Another thing that i hate about these boots is that they are not warm at all. When your out riding in NY its not even that cold most of the time around 25 is when im saying your feet are going to freeze off in these boots. It will feel like theres that tingly no blood in your toes thing and then it just goes completly numb. I have no idea how jermey jones rides these boots or if he actually does like how its hard to belive that shaun white rides mission bindings. Its just sorta like really burton i love you guys but these boots suck so bad was there really any sort of testing done with them because ive seen multiple reviews not only saying they suck ive seen tons of those but saying that after they rode these boots the started having issues with flat feet like me.