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These are the best socks I own. I love the toe socks. I don't think I have ever had a blister on my toes with these socks. They make my feet feel energized. I have not had to deal with wet socks yet (I use Gold Bond religiously anyways). I have not had an issue with the socks slipping down or becoming loose in general. I carry flip flops for camp shoes, so at the end of the day, I can put on my flip flops and never have take off my socks and my feet stay warm around camp on the cool nights. I recommend these bad boys to everyone.


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So far these are great shoes. I like the toe cap. I stubbed my toes a couple times on rocks that would of been a little painful but the toe cap saved me the discomfort. I also like the arch support/protection from intruding rocks from underneath. From past experiences, I have had to get rid of some hiking shoes that you could feel every rock you stepped on (you get what you pay for). These shoes are light and good against the morning dew and mudd. I like they are Gortex and give you that peace of mind when rock hopping across streams. They seem to grip good. I really like how the laces stay tight when tied. I have always been the guy that likes to wear waterproof backpacking boots (I wear Salomon Comet 3D GTX Backpacking Boot). I liked having the support for my ankles. I have not had these shoes long enough to give a complete review, but so far so good. Fits true to size in my case. I just have to see how they hold up over the next year. Fingers crossed.......

UPDATE. Bought these in september and it is now november. I took these on an easy 3 day 30 mile hike and some of the tread on the bottom of one of the shoes is peeling away in spots. Smaller rocks would get lodged in between the tread and bottom of the shoe. Bugged the hell out of me. I still like the comfort of the shoe but am not impressed with the durability. It only took one hike for the shoes to start breaking down.