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I bought these last season after I slammed my rear knee on a rock when my toe edge slipped out from under me. I wear these under my snowboard pants and they're so comfortable I forget I even have them on.


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Just a heads up for anyone that purchases these boots. I wore last season's Status and they had the same problem. The plate on the tongue causes the BOA wire to snag on it, preventing the boot from tightening all the way. It looks like they did not fix this issue as the product photos above show it snagging on the tongue (compare the black/black pictures to the other colorways).


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I've been riding DC Judges for my first two seasons and loved the fit of them. I really packed them in though and upper flex began to get a lot softer than when I originally purchased them so I decided to try the DC Statuses. First off, the DC Status is stiff and responsive. Leaning forward doesn't flex the top of the boot like my Judges do now, instead it leans the entire boot giving you really good toe-side response. The boot is low profile and pretty light too. I did run into a couple problems though...

* The straps that go over the top of your foot sometimes get stuck while tightening the boot. To remedy this you have to push on the fold to get it over the outside of the boot while turning the ankle boa. This isn't a huge deal
* The sole LOOKS nice but don't be fooled, those little spikes didn't give me much traction. I actually slipped the first time I took the boots out.
* The vents are nice but you have to watch out for puddles because water WILL make it through the vents into your liner and get your sock wet. This is pretty annoying. On hotter days I noticed my feet stay pretty dry though which is nice.
* I have some weird pinch points on my right foot from the liner "corset". I'm not sure if it is being unevenly tightened but I need to look into it more
* BOA is great for popping open and letting your foot take a break but one of the problems with the Status is when you release the top BOA and open up the tongue, the steel cable gets caught on the BOA plate which will prevent the top BOA from tightening completely. I ran into a TON of problems before I realized what was going on. Having to manually pull the cable over the plate every time you want to tighten the boot is annoying and the fact that it isn't completely intuitive that you must do this seems like a huge design defect to me (I'm guessing this is why tomassend felt the calf area was too wide because IMO the boot fits very similarly to my Judges once I made this adjustment). I've included a photo of what the problem is (see the middle cross of steel cabling caught under the plate)

Good boot but not perfect