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Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Used it while jetskiing over the summer, and as a little handheld camera while at the beach with friends. The case adds a little bulk & weight so it makes it cumbersome for goggle mounting. Still trying to figure out a good stable solution for that because my main intention was to use it head mounted for watersports and paintball. Unless you do a lot of faceplanting, you don't really need to bother using the waterproof case for skiing/snowboarding... My friend and I used his camera for snowboarding last season without this case and had no issues at all.

Oh, and maybe I'm just dumb, but at first I thought the case wasn't compatible because I thought the magnet on the switch would mechanically move the switch on the camera as well.

So when you put the camera in the case, be sure its not on record. When ready to record slide the orange switch, and though the switch on the camera doesn't move, don't worry, it has been triggered within the camera to begin recording.


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I have a friend who is the test pilot for items I'm interested in. I say "this looks cool" he normally has bought it by the following week. So goes the Vholdr.. at my suggestion he bought it to capture some of our snowboarding. Our snowboarding is not that great, but the footage is still awesome because of the camera I'd say. I was very surprised that picture quality was so great with that little camera and little memory card.

I advise upgrading to a higher capacity card than the included 2GB, and you can also buy an adapter that lets you put in the MicroSD card into a normal card slot.

Sound is okay, but coming down the slopes it is like jet noise.. either we are too fast, or this is just to be expected when quick wind meets microphones?

So I bought mine now, so we can film two angles and give us crazy editing options. Using this for snowboarding, paintball, and whatever action comes up (hmmm...)


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Picked this up from evogear.. sizing was perfect. It doesn't appear huge to me despite the fact I wear a 7 3/4 size hat (XL Helmet). Was comfortable wearing this all day for my last ride of the season. It worked well with my Oakley OTG goggles, and was a good platform to mount my friend's Vholdr camera while filming him. Gave me a little more confidence to pick up speed on the double black, and to experiment a bit more in the terrain park.


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Worked how they should. Just two issues:

Fresh out of the box a couple of the K2 logos near the toe strap were already peeling slightly.

Sometimes you have to mess with the latch a bit to undo the straps.. it's not always one fluid motion.

I do love how plastic part of the straps are notched almost to the very end so you dont have to feed in too much before you can start cranking it tight. All the rentals I've used (at Winter Wisp in Maryland) have somewhat frustrating straps.. especially around the ankle.. you are trying to tighten, and you just can't quite get it to the point where it will grab the plastic strap.. well the K2's are notched at "that point" Good stuff


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Finally used these over the weekend. I figured snug boots that aren't broken in yet would have my feet sore at the end of the day. Not so. Got in about 7-8 hours of boarding Sunday and they were nice and comfortable the whole time. No issues. As far as control and flex goes, they were great as well.


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I don't really know how to rate boards, as this is my first one, and I'm no expert, but I do own it, so I will review it. I can talk about the width though. I wear a size 12 boot, and I had no issues with toe drag. Other things to consider: my leading foot is angled about 15 degrees, the backfoot virtually straight, maybe 5 degrees tops.. and I'm on K2 bindings. I do remember last month on a rental board, I had slight issues with toe drag.. nothing extreme, but noticeable. I noticed no toe drag at all here. So you don't have to worry too much if you think you have big feet..

Okay I may be wrong, but my understanding is freestyle boards tend to be wider in general.. but the numbers don't lie.. I don't recall off hand, but in the research I did before buying, this board is not much skinnier than a Burton WIDE board I was also considering... I'm glad I went with this one because I love the design. Doublecheck the stats and research before buying, but for me, I decided (and ended up being correct) that slightly skinnier by like a centimeter or two versus a wide board is not a factor.

Hope this helps some of the larger footed riders who are in love with boards not offered in wide lol


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I guess there's something to be said when most reviews are bad, but unfortunately there was only one bad review when I ordered mine..

I followed the instructions but this thing fell off on the first day out. At least it stayed on and worked like a charm for as long as I needed it.. Then it sheds itself once it feels like you have transcended needing its assistance (tinge of smiling sarcasm). By the end of the day I was able to exit lifts controllably without the stomp pad. So it's like a $10 disposable training wheel, that you don't have to worry about peeling off yourself.. IT DOES IT FOR YOU! Awesome! I guess I'm lucky, some of the reviews say the glue backing is still stuck, but mine also started peeling off itself (I noticed a few rides later and finished it off). Should give it two stars for that convenience, but to be honest if it was supposed to be made to last, then this product SUCKS..don't think I'll need another stomp pad anyway, but Backcountry I'd gladly accept a free one for my troubles :)


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I have the Black ones, with metallic cable, and the inline mic/toggle, and use it with my iPhone.

Bought these at an airport when my normal earbuds totally flaked out two months ago. GREAT BASS sound. Nice style.. These stay in my ear better than the type that sit in the groove on your ear (maybe it's just me, I don't see anyone else have issues, but if I move around much the other type never stay in).

Once again it may be just be, but I am able to turn these up louder on the bus to work without requests from people to turn my music down.. That equals a more enjoyable music experience for me, AND the people around me. With my old earbuds outside noise would get through to me, and my "irritating" hi-hats would get through to 50 somethings on the commuter bus, and despite turning them way up I couldn't hear as much, and bass? Forget about it.

I see some are not happy about the quality... well I've only had them two months so far, so I can't say too much.. hope they stay in good shape.

I stuff them in a small pocket on top of my backpack, and they don't get tangled too bad either..

Why not 5 stars? I can't stand the toggle sometimes.. with my apple earbuds, the toggle worked flawless: single tap is pause, double tap to next track, triple to go back.

With these:
The button is "jerky" so It's sometimes harder to get the same sensitivity (easier to mistakenly press twice instead of a clean triple tap)

Its one tiny button to locate (a pain in the neck when wearing gloves. The whole mic is like one big button with the apple ones),

And a lot of times the unit arbitrarily decides what your button taps mean: Like I may mean to double tap, but it's not quick enough, and it treats it as a triple tap??? Never if I try to do that on purpose though.

Verdict: Good sound quality, but not so great mechanics on the toggle. But you buy earphones for sound in the end right?.. by that measure it trumps any I've ever used.