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Great bag! It's pretty much the maximum allowed dimensions for a checked bag. Much bigger and you'll get charged a ridiculous oversized luggage fee. There are a bunch of Dakine roller bags about this size, so you've got a couple choices in this range. We packed it FULL of clothes and 2 bottles of definitely-not-tequila on our way back from our mexican adventure and it weighed 49.9 pounds exactly.

I chose this bag for its ability to split into 2 separate checkable bags if it was the only bag my lady and I were going to check but it was too heavy.

The two halves separate completely with 4 giant buckles and a velcro hand-loop at the top. It's got nice big internal compartments, which I liked a lot better than bags that break up the space into 11 different mini-compartments. All I want to do is throw a bunch of clothes in there, I don't need a mini-compartment for my casual underwear and a separate compartment for my formal-dress underwear, thank you very much.

Some reviews said this bag did not stand up well on it's own, and I made sure to pack that end of the bag first so I did not have that problem. I could see that it was possible, but packing that end first did the trick.

All the little details are great. It rolls well, the extendable handle is long enough to lean your carryon backpack over when you're walking around with this rig.


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F-yeah! I love the Sessions Work Jacket. I love it so much, I bought a second one.


I had the... 2007? model Work Jacket in traffic-cone orange, and I put about 120 days on it. It worked well, looked great, and was tough as hell. But then I saw this year's Work Jacket in "Kiwi" and I had to have it.

They've improved the little details that bugged me on the old Work Jacket. The sleeve openings are a little bigger, so they now fit a wider range of glove cuffs. Snow ninjas rejoice: The neck opening is also a little bigger, so it's a more relaxed fit when you've got it zipped up all the way and your ninja mask and helmet strap are in there. The zipper pulls are now leather instead of nylon. (I had one of the nylon pulls break on my old Work jacket.) The jacket interior setup is a little cleaner for my Ipod, too. The old style had 90,000 pockets in there, which was a mess.

PS. My old Work Jacket is still going strong and will get some time this season, I just really needed this green one especially considering they've improved the cut as I've described.