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Matix killed it with these. Got them at the same time I got the big, expensive Nixon Nomadic on ears and the sound on the little Matixs (whats the plural on that?) blows the big Nixon cans away. Lots of bass, lots of highs, mids are present, lots of smiles. Seriously, even compared to some of the studio headphones I've used these not only hold their own, they impress. Get you some, babies.

Yeah, These Are Rad.


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You want these, I know you. Cus you like the C word:


Can't get much more comfy than the Contacts. I've done the early season shtuff at A Basin and Keystone in these bad boys so far. They get strapped clean, secured easy and rock all run down the park or the early season ice. I can only imagine their sheer badassery once things get into full swing.

They flex sure, but I don't see it as an inordinate amount. Really, it just seems to facilitate the comfort. I've never noticed a loss in response even with the soft feel. Its the ankle strap in particular that makes me swoon. One slight con is the unstrapping of the toe strap. It doesn't like to let go at first, but it will succumb to persistence.

I used to rock Ride binders. And they are nice, superb even. But these Unions make them look like they were made by slobbering idiots. Stop comparison shopping cus you found the winner.



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So the biggest sales point for me on the glove was the cuff. Zipper and clasp? Hell yes. Cus with the big bulky pull-tight cuffs, if you fall and pull it out of your sleeve, its an ass pain to get it back in. These bad boys just slide right back. They're warm, too, with fleece lining the whole backside of the inner. Not crazy warm, but they hold up fine for riding and just everyday use. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.