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Picked up the 160cm at the start of the season after abusing a 156 model for the past 2 seasons, which included 11 days of cat boarding and probably 40 days all on it. Went 156 as I felt my K2 Gyrator 162 was too stiff. I was on the upper end of the weight range on the 156 and was running about 1.5" setback to help in all the waist to nipple deep days we had up in the PNW.
On the 160, Im slightly back of centre to get the same float, without the risk of having the nose sink in. Not as playful of a board, probably due to the larger size (used to pow manual the 156 an entire pow filled run). I've stopped riding all my other boards once I got the Sick Stick as it is such a fun board even out of the pow and on the groomers.

My lead guide last week was on a factory split Sick Stick as well!


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Love these shirts. Have 2, could use a few more. Perfect for wearing over my wool while shredding, or wearing while mtn biking at cooler times of the year.

Just watch out you don't accidentally order the cotton one like I originally did. This one is the polyester you want for any type of physical activities outdoors.
Plus looking all lumberjack-esque


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Really like the style of this jacket, have been wanting one for a while. Wanted it for days where the Lofoten gear isn't needed and general around town lumberjacking. At 5'8" 150lbs the medium was way too big for me, unless I was still on some FODT/terrain park homey steeze. Sadly it will go back, and I'll try to locate a small next season.


Unanswered Question

How many boards can this bag hold? Looking for a bag that can hold 2 boards and 2 pairs of binders (second pair don't have to be attached to the second board)

Also are the length sizes true to board sizes? My old Burton 165cm bag barely fit a 156cm board in it. I assume a 165cm bag should hold my 162cm board fine?

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