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The sound quality on these is really nice. Great passive noise cancelling you get from the snug fit, allows for movement without having to re-adjust at all. With the snug fit did come some minor discomfort for me after multiple hours of use, but like Matthew I have a pretty large head so that was expected. The inline controls on the cable work as they should, answering calls, everything you would expect, and the microphone in there was great for call quality as well.


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Overall this speaker is a great option. The sound quality is great in it's "indoor" mode. I would say that's the environment that this speaker excels in. Took it camping and used it in the "outdoor" mode. With that the sound quality went down a bit, but the volume level was great. Would make for a great speaker for bbq's out back, hanging out in the summer on the porch, things like that. In the camping environment I was a little nervous taking it out. It performed great but doesn't seem to have the high durability and weatherproofing features you find in other speaker options in this category (the Outdoor Technology Turtle shell, or the Skullcandy Air Raid).

When it comes down to it this is a speaker I would highly recommend if your looking for high quality sound out of a speaker that you would use around the house, or outdoor parties in less than extreme environments. Gives higher priced options like the Bose soundlink a run for it's money, at a lower price.


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The thing that I like most and least about these boxer breifs are the weight. The super light weight material is very comfortable, and feels great when you first put them on. The only issues I've run into specific to that weight is the fact that they do run more than other options I've tried. Maybe it's just my big legs, but annoying anyway. Number two is that they didn't last super long. The thinner material is great for comfort, but not as great on the durability side of things. They lasted long enough for me to think that I got good use out of them, just nothing I would consider great longevity.


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With the simplicity of the end product, I was happily surprised with the performance and fit. In the past I have always gotten over the ear options for a headphone that I needed when traveling on planes, or just working in the office. Some work great, but most get uncomfortable after long periods of use like that. With these Navigator's you get none of that. They are by far the most comfortable headphone, especially for extended use, that I've ever worn. With the over the ear setup, and more of a compactly designed model I was worried that the drivers wouldn't pack enough punch to really give me the sound quality I wanted, but I was mistaken to doubt them. The driver and acoustics these have is great, and just what anyone needs for long days of work, plane rides, whatever you need.