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Used to ride the ultralights but have had the prospects for the last 2 seasons. They are pretty trashed at this point but still doing alright considering I've ridden them in 3 dif seasons. They aren't "too stiff". They are what you would expect from a solid 32 boot. Like all boots you need to break them in to get that nice feel. "Too squeeky"? Lol, what is that even supposed to mean man.

I never have any problems with circulation. Maybe you just need to loosen them a little bit. Good boot. Not sure If I will be purchasing these specific ones again but def staying withing the 32 line. 11 or 12 season riding. Will never buy anything other than 32 boots again. Never done me wrong the last 5 years. Best switch I ever made.


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They are the lightest boots youll ever touch. Its like someone stole them from nasa or something. They way about the same as a pair of basketball shoes.

warm enough, the shell is a little wierd at first. It break in pretty nice, you have to leave the boot a little loose because it is pretty stiff.

i had a problem with the base foam completly peeling off my boot. I know most or all 32 botos have the foam base. Idk if thats a common problem, but it only happened on one boot. It could also be the fact that i was working park crew 6 days a week, and these boots got a workout all season. I guess if you ride a few days a week they should last a couple seasons.

Great feeling boot once you break it in, super light, but idk how much i trust the base foam.