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As a photographer with a lot of stop-and-go, and as a generally hot-and-steamy person, I can't live without these on storm days. The smallest bit of moisture in any other goggle used to fowl up my day. I have used the turbo-fans for YEARS now, maybe 5 or 6 years at this point? And I can ski all day, no problem.

The batteries last a surprisingly long time, too.

Also, I would always recommend skiing with a helmet to begin with for safety, but you will get even more performance out of these goggles with a helmet vs a hat.


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First pair of Scarpas, and I love the fit. I have had them for about a year now.

I tried on both this leather version and the canvas version, and kept these. VERY happy with the decision. The leather was already more comfortable from the get-go and has only gotten better and more comfortable with time.

As an outdoor photographer, I find myself scrambling into odd places, which is why I purchased these shoes, but they have also proven to be a great every day shoe, and especially great for longs days of travel and running from opposite ends of airports.

As another comparison, I also have the Five Ten Guide Tennie and while I prefer the looks of the Five Ten, I MUCH prefer the Scarpas overall. This could be part personal preference and foot shape mind you, but I find the Scarpas more comfortable after long hours on my feet, and they have a much more solid heel cup and hold on my foot. The Five Tens feel shallow and as if my heel will walk out of them.

I do have one small complaint about the Scarpas, in that the tongue does not stay centered or in place, but my overall love for these shoes, their fit, and performance has so far trumped the minor issue with the tongue. Perhaps they will try to fix that in later versions.

For some fit comparison, my foot is slightly wider than average, and I prefer low arch support. On average I wear a 9.5 US and in these I wear a 41.0


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VERY soft. No itch. SO cozy. Nice and warm. Perfect for casual wear. I wear a helmet anyway, but it doesn't strike me as a good active beanie. I would also say it's a little longer in person than the photos seems to indicate. Also, a great way to cover your hair in the office after skiing all morning.... And soft, did I mention soft?! It's really soft. Going on season number 2.