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What else is there to say other then these pants rock, well a little more. I personally love to wear these pants for every thing from hiking, climbing and everyday use. I love how much they stretch so I don?t ever have to worry about they ripping at the seam. I also did the rock ass slide in to the water of fun while hiking near Brooks Camp. Not only did they dry out in less then 20 mins but they look good as new still. I have owned these pants for just over 2 years and have over 75 days in them, and still going strong.



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I love these bindings they are amazing for deep pow runs on my NS Heritage 158 with no high back. My boots are a K2 UFO so they are kind of stiff to start with but with the soft bushings and high back less it was like surfing in the snow. The binding does take some getting used to at first about a run or to till you get the feel of what it applies power to the edge. To me it feel like the ultimate gas pedal front and rear for those dynamic turns. Like the other review said if you have a size 10 boot you are kind of SOL for sizing as you are right in the middle of M and L. If you boot has any shrinkage tech in it get the M and you will be happy. I also rode this binding on my Blacklist while in the park and was surprised how well they preformed. On several jumps I cleared most of the transition areas and land almost flat, the foam on the base just soaked it up like a sponge. An awesome binding that I can?t wait will they come out with the new big high back and low wing back for 13/14.