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Very stiff boot, so if that's what you're looking for all's well but I found them too stiff for my liking. It's even a bit of a chore to walk in them, they're that rigid.

Seem to be pretty durable from my experience (little bit of superficial wear on top of toes but that's it), and the laces, although looking thin, are bloody tough. You can pick spare laces up for like under $10 anyway.

Regarding comfort I wasn't that impressed. Got a lot of ache in my shins and feet (especially lead foot). I'll probably look around for something a little more mid-flex.


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Bought them last year for my first season on the snow, so yes I'm a complete newbie to the world of snowboarding.

Rode them with a pair of Burton Driver X boots and a Palmer Honeycomb 4 board. Don't know how much is the bindings and how much is the boots (my suspicion is the boots - they're a pretty stiiff piece of footwear and probably beyond my ability) or whether its just me but I found I got a numb left foot after a good session.

The bindings seemed really comfortable and snugged in nicely, especially the ankle strap (felt great). Toe strap kept slipping up after a run and required resetting on a regular basis. Not sure how much this relates to the specific binding and how much is just binding behaviour in general but that was my experience. As I said I'm a beginner so take my review as such :)

As they say, the bindings are bulletproof. I didn't do anything exceptionally stupid on them (beginner status) but they handled everything I threw at them without breaking a sweat; I sure put some stress on them pulling some pretty stupid stacks haha.

The super comfy lining on the highback tends to wear and fade pretty quidk and I got a little chipping on the base camo colour exterior (got the hunter camo's) but structurally they're solid as a rock and that's what I'm raelly interested in. As long as a binding takes everything you can throw at it without breaking, that's all that matters to me (currently) :)