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I upgraded to this from a light aluminium low profile shovel almost a year ago and I'm really happy with it.

Small shovels are fine for occasional side country use, but once you start pushing your boundaries further and further from the fence of your local ski hill, you will quickly realise the efficiency and safety value of a bigger and more capable shovel. A bigger shovel means quicker and more efficient pit digging. The adjustable length handle means good torque on the blade and you won't have to stoop as low as with a lightweight single length shovel. At the risk of stating the blindly obvious, a person buried under snow is literally drowning and the quicker you move the snow and get to them, the more likely they are to survive. The blade also slots onto the hand end of the handle to make a hoe.

Most times I go snowboarding involves getting on a plane so there's always a compromise with size and I like the size and weight of this one.

There's a few small, but worthwhile features thrown in too, such as the slits in the blade. Loop a 120cm sling through and you've got a fairly decent anchor.

If you have holes drilled in the end of your planks you can also make a sled with the supplied nuts and bolts.

Great Shovel