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love it! this jacket awesome ! i have the Lucia/Absynth/tokegrey.... First things first the "tokegrey" on this jacket is... well its rather a light white not really like the picture.. but then again better in person.. but if your one who cares about getting your jacket dirty...well this isn't the jacket for you. HAHAHAHA! the Tokegrey..."lightwhite" would show dirt easy. (just a heads up) i thought it would be more like the picture as well. but aghh i like it. over all the jacket is kinda on the big side so really a MED... kinda like a large. if you compare Burton Poacher jacket "sig fit" an Burton [ak] jackets "sig fit" the MED sizes.. the [ak] is much bigger then the poacher MED size... the sleves an length are a little longer. . . hope you're geting what im saying... hahah!....an thennnn... seems very warm an comfortable. "cant go wrong with the [ak]"

Turbine Jacket


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i know the pic isn't all detail.... but i was just matching them up to my jacket [ak]turbine... but as you can see the right thigh pocket the ignitor pants... These Pants are WOW! cant wait to wear them! they're a little thicker then the Cyclic pants. they fit really good to. not too long or baggy seem like they would be warm an block wind. the color of the ignitor is a little different then it looks in person then on here "better" cause their in my HANDSSS!!! ha, really its more like a peachy[redesh]orangess lol over all.... If you wanna do a lot of riding an an need somthing thats the best for any weather,...go for the [ak].

Stagger Ignitor