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I've been using Vasque for years, thinking that their fit was the best for my (narrow) feet. Sadly, on hikes longer than 5 miles I would always get sore spots which would eventually turn into blisters as the day went on. That, along with the occasional black toe nail, led me to believe that maybe those Vasques were not the ideal shoe for me. I bought these due to the generally rave reviews I had been reading, and after several summits I can safely say that all of those reviews were absolutely correct. These boots have absolutely NO break-in period. I did two 4000 foot ascents in 2 weeks and my feet felt relatively unfazed. Additionally, the grip is nothing short of spectacular. I never felt unsure of my step in these and would recommend them to anyone looking for a good, low-top boot.

Comfortable from the get-go


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Definitely worth the expense. Believe me, $55 for some locks is quite a bit cheaper than getting 3 new snowboards stolen while you're getting a beer at a 7-11.

These are very easy to install, just slip in the 'install key' and press into place.


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It holds plenty of cash and cards, and is stylish to boot. My only complaint is that, by making the 'inner wallet' removable, there's an extra tab included in the whole package that adds unnecessary weight and girth to the wallet. The minimalistic wallet inside is neat, but I don't see myself using it very often outside of the entire wallet, so the added bulk just ends up being extra cruft. The material is on par with other wallets in this price range, so if you've ever used a Vans or Nixon wallet before, this will feel very similar.