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Your community contributions

Check out the sizing chart... but, for the most part, you always go by weight... are you plumpin' up for the winter? If not I would probably stay around a 154. (you could do 151 for sure)

Unless you are full big mountain / Backcountry dude, then go larger...

If you love rails, you could go smaller. (the 151)

To give you a comparison, I am 6' tall and 190lbs... I ride a 157 and like riding everything! If I ride just POWDER I do a 159 Wide.

The helmet feel so darn light! Due mostly to its "Ultra Lightweight In-Molded Polycarbonate Shell and Extra Durable ABS Cover"

The beast part about this lid is you can pump it up like your old-school Reebok's for the PERFECT seamless fit! (saves weight with the air padding too!)

Get ready to live!

Well, Ms. Kel, the fit is absolutely phenomenal. fits a broad range of faces! Hugs your face perfectly and the straps adjust easily to work with or without a helmet.

Plus, the look is sick! The Hawkeye gives awesome peripheral vision and a clean, yet trendy, style! The dredrum colorway is insanity!!!!

The general theory with rocker is to size down, as with a rocker-ed board you use more of an edge between the bindings because of the rock. Its similar to having a longer effective edge.

Personally, I actually ride this board at the same size as my cambered.

The joystick is my weapon of choice for all conditions. I ride a 157 for jmups, rails, and pipe, and then drop into a 159W for deep powder. (I'm 6 foot and close to 200 lbs.)

This board changed my snowboarding for the better, hands down!

Lukas is correct, its all based on weight... I would go with the slightly larger size (130-ish) as he is still growing.

Chopper may be a better bet as its less aggressive than the custom small and geared towards beginners... Custom small is insanely good and more durable if plans are to pass down to another child eventually.


Free lift ticket and lesson come FREE with this board, too!

No, Cody... If you are a true 13 on a measuring device, get a 13, not larger. In snowboarding, you definitely do not want big boots, if anything most people get them on the small side. (less toe/heel drag)

Also, if your foot moves around, you will either fatigue your body from your foot always cramping up from trying to grapple the bottom of the boot. Or, you'll be swishing around so much that your toe will jam forward to the front of the boot on toe side turns giving you some gnarly bruises.

My advice, true 13 rocks a true 13 (or a 12.5 if you want to rock foot bondage a bit :) After a while the boots will pack out a quarter of a size.

What's up Matt B! Burton did not rip off Lib as both rockers are actually substantially different.

Banana - There is radial rocker banana between your feet, it becomes flat underneath your bindings,then you have your tip and tail kicks. (C2 Power Banana would be similar to Flying V)

Flying V - There is a V-rocker (not continuous radial, as it breaks at a central point) between your bindings, then the Flying part means that there is camber underneath your feet and out towards the tip and tail kicks to help hold an edge, and then it v-rocks again on both the tip and tail before kicking upward. Make sense? I know its kinda gnarly complex.

When it comes to EGD combined with Pressure distribution edges (called frostbite) and differentiating that from Magnatraction.

EGD is switching the woods grain direction under the bindings to enhance edge hold. (think of trying to break a toothpick by flexing them between your thumb and middle finger -- kinda hard to break) That combined with a pressure distribution edges (similar to magna) in which the edge protrudes outward 1 mil to again help with edge hold. An edge technology is very important when considering rocker-ed boards! (as rocker boards are naturally more loose feeling on snow -- not as much true and tried driving power as historical camber proves)

Magna is a kindof like looking down a serrated knife and much easier to visually see. It provides similar edge hold to PDE, and shifts edge pressure away from the tip and tail.

Lets face it, I'm biased. Lib makes great product, but I prefer the flying V on Burton... I've ridden this board in all conditions and its awesome!!!