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I was soooo stoked to get these boots. Two of my buddies have the DC boas (older versions) and swear by them so I figured I'd give 'em a go and went for top of the line. The boa system, at first, was awesome, I laced up quick, could adjust to make them tighter/looser very easily, but at the end of the day I couldn't get my right foot out of the boot, the boa system on one side had locked itself up and wouldn't loosen. After struggling for about 20 minutes I was able to painfully yank my foot out, and spent the ride home trying to figure out what was up. After taking off the knob (with the DC-provided tool), I saw that the cables were jammed up and just wouldn't loosen. I'm sure I just ended up with some off the wall problem pair and I wouldn't be scared of buying these again except for other issues about these that just don't work for me. First, these are way, WAY, stiff, that or my old beatup Northwave boots are just ridiculously soft. I rarely buy new gear but I've been riding for 19 years and I did not feel in control in these boots. I could not turn in on my toe-edge for the life of me, nearly died near some trees, something just wasn't right, I think they're just way too stiff for me. Additionally, these are at least an inch longer than my old northwaves, my toe was hangin off for the first time ever (only size 9). Anyway, these seem like a primo boot, the boa system seems awesome, but I just ended up with a bunk pair, and they're just way to stiff for me. PS - they also have RECCO reflectors built-in, so if you die in an avalanche, they'll find you.