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I switched at the end of the 2013 year from my beginner/intermediate Head board to the Jones Mountain Twin combined with Burton Cartel '13 bindings. Rode 9 of my 49 days this season (2012-13). I'm 6'1" 180 lbs and bought the 161 W.

- Flex: Playful on the whole mountain with stiffness/flex combo to power through crud, and ollie/jump on the naturals or cat tracks. I feel that I can land or power through anything as long as I can get my feet somewhat beneath me.

- Edges: With the flex mentioned above, I don't fall when carving hard through slush (Spring conditions), and the mellow magna-traction holds well on hardpack/icy conditions. On groomers and pow, this board rips.

- Stability: I bought the 161W and while it doesn't look much wider than my old 160, the combined width, length, and the default stance alleviate leg fatigue when riding in the white room (powder). Much more so than my old Head board where I had the bindings moved back, or on groomers, moved neutral. I have to credit the flex here again on the Mountain Twin. It'll flex with the movement of your body. The board also feels great underfoot when bombing groomers (speeds around 65-70mph tested) and floats on the pow. No rattling noticed one bit - this board quietly charges along.

- Fun: This board has made me a better rider, and looks great. It'll allow you to do what you want to and when you want to.

- Playfulness: While it's super fun on all mountain, it's not a board that guarantees pop and you'd take for a full day at the park. It'll help you ride in-n-out, and you'll have fun, but it's meant for riding all conditions all over the mountain and so you'll have more fun with it that way.

- Base - I feel that the base is slightly softer and more prone to scratching (on rocks/roots) than my old board. This isn't a dig on the base, but an observation. When freshly waxed, the Mountain Twin is fast, but I also feel it loses the wax somewhat quickly.


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I like this wallet. It's just like the Ocean Pacific one I got when I was 8 yrs old, with the same pockets and everything. Holds a ton.

The bill area is really long - so you could hold longer-than-a-dollar stuff there if you needed to.

The inside pocket on the right (photo) doesn't hold cards extremely secure like the middle pockets do. So be careful (and the reason why I gave it 4 stars). But the zipper on the back holds my important cards so that they won't get lost.

I love how thin it is compared to my old wallet with a bill clip on the front of it. The looks are nice too.


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I love this jacket. Purchased last year at a close-out, the jacket keeps you dry, and let's you layer underneath. I'm 6'1" and 170 lbs, and wear a large. It's form-fitting, and so, not a lot of room for bulky mid-layers, but perfect for a base layer + mid-layer fleece (2/300). Hood fits over my Smith Holt helmet. Pit zips are a life saver when it gets warm out on the hills. Keeps me completely dry in whatever the snow condition or weather. If it were stolen or damaged, I would go out and buy another like it tomorrow.

Great jacket. Highly recommend if you can still find one