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The pros:It's super light weight. Easy to tune. The toe cap is great (just remember to tune it to fit your boot, I put mine at the inner setting to have it wrap snuggly). The flex is super delicious. You can tweak them forever.The cons:The sizing is weird. I have a 9.5 ThirtyTwo Ultralight which should fit in the M/L. When setting up the binding it fit perfectly, but when strapping in I felt the binding pressing up against the sides of my foot. I also had to pull the strap to it inner most setting AND use the rachet to there were no more teeth on the strap. Maybe I just like to ride my bindings thight, or maybe Gigi (the designer) has enormous arches on his foot. I switched to the L/XL and adjusted it to fit my boot. The ankle strap still has some issues.In short:Awesome flexible. Add +1 to your US size when ordering binding. Ankle strap fits best on bulkier boots.


It depends on your riding style:
I say a 155 is your pick. I prefer rails and low speed stuff.
My friend says 159 will be good for you. He likes his powder.

For 30'+ jumps, go for the 159. The 155 will probably buckle when landing in the back seat.


Note: I see the 155 is out of stock. Other similar boards would be Capita Stairmaster, Burton Custom (this has setback), K2 Parkstar. They all offer about the same stiffness, pop and rocker profile.

In short:
153 will be just fine. A nice blend of stability and agility.

In more detail:
It will be sweet in the blue park, at tech rail stuff and just kidding around. On bigger pedal to the metal things you should consider a 155. If you only ride rails go for a 151.

I'm 6' 164 lbs and ride a 155 Capita Horroscope which is similar to the Park Pickle. The Pickle is a little stiffer with it's carbon rods, the Horror is more like a Banana.
I find the 155 a bit long for tech rail stuff. It rides like my old 157 K2 Believer (medium/stiff traditional camber). Which is great for jumps and cannonball runs, the reversed camber is not that great at high speed though. The centred contact point tend to be dodgy when riding flat base on harder surfaces.

They are pretty similar boards. The Blunt originated as an affordable soft park board while the WWW was developed for street riding. Both boards have now gone towards a more mixed riding style. I still think of the WWW as a more jib friendly board with it's flat base center opposed to the Burtons v-shaped one.

All in all I think you can safely pick the board that appeals the most to you in both design and brand. I personally would go for K2, they give great value and have never let me down.

As far as I recall the 2006 P1 does not have the EST option (channel) so you would have to use retro-discs, which unfortunately are not all that awesome when used on the EST system,

The Hero and the Dom are not so far apart when it comes to flex. I'd say the P1 would be a little to much on the stiff side for eider, depends on what you like to ride. Keep in mind that this is a unisex/men's board though, so it might be aimed at a slightly heavier person than you.

For the Hero I'd go with the Molotov EST (women's) or Exile EST, they gives you the full benefits of the EST footed while being flexible. If you want something stiffer the Mission EST or Cartel EST are your choices. It all depends on your preference, riding style and weight. Jibs + moderate speed = soft, big stuff + full speed = stiff.

Good luck and ride hard!

In my humble opinion Burten charges a bit to much it's stuff. The quality is not always where it should be but they get buy on brand name and return policy's. Big machinery need lots of oil I guess.

When it comes to the supreme, part of the cost is the prefitted heatable sole you can attach a battery pack to to get a little more warmth to those popstickle toes.

If you're not bothered by cold feet, don't ride 80+ days, don't have the budget or are happy with lower cost boots I don't really see the point in shelling out the extra $150 for a pair of Burton Supreme - however top of the line they might be.

Most of my knitted saggy hats have holes in the top. The hole vary in size from hat to hat but is commonly a result from the knitting process. The hole is typical around 1/4"-1/8" but the hat is perfectly functional regardless.

Since two of you ask the same question I guess it's a hole in this hat as well.

The T.Rice Pro MTX does NOT have a banana. For that you need the T.Rice C2 BTX or any other BTX (B as in banana) Lib Tech board.

A friend of mine who is about 6' 170 lbs switched his 162 camber for 156 rocker last year. He loved it but is getting a 159 rocker this year stating that 156 just didn't feel right in powder. This was the Skate Banana and he rides the stuff you listed.

I'd say you can go one size smaller on a rocker in powder.

Stiffer bindings are traditionally better with stiffer boards. Riding a stiffer binding on a softer board will make the board feel more fragile and "noodley". It will work, but won't be as fun and precise as with evenly matched stuff.

If you want the best of both worlds the solution is a medium stiff board, binding and boot. For the NS Revolver/Legacy I'd suggest the Union Force, Burton Mission, Flux Super Emblem or the Rome 390.

If you want something to play around with you might want to check out the Rome Targa, it's adjustable with three settings from soft to stiff.

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