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Like my dashing boyfriend already said... this mask is legit.

Nobody likes to wear facemasks (no one sane that is). But sometimes you just have to... like this snowday at Snowbird.

Airhole really does work, stays dry and warm, no crusting up in your face or fogging up your optics at all.

A definite must have.

As awesome as a face mask can get


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I got lucky and was able to demo these when Burton came to Bear last month and I heart these bindings! I demo'd them with the Blender which was the perfect match! Didn't return my demo until the end of the day and went home to buy the bindings right away. Unfortunately I don't have a Blender of my own but they look real purdy on my Stria.

Why do I heat the Molotov? I feel totally locked in - even on the same rail I did a gnarly buttslide on just a couple weeks prior. Personally I dig the funky highbacks. I know some people don't like it but I have no problems. Although these are park bindings you can take them elsewhere on the hill with no problemos - the highback felt fine even going down the steeps (well as steep as you can get at Bear that is). Oh and all that gel stuff in the base plates are real comfy - even after a full day of riding I don't have achy balls (the balls of my feet that is).

I suggest you get em in blue cuz they make yo feet look real nice. And we all know you want to look good while riding.


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Love this thing!

So many pockets... carries my board... only problem is my work-issued lap top is a giant p.o.s. ACER and I have a hell of a time shoving the mother*#%@!# into the lap top pocket. But I don't blame the bag. It's rad in every way. (P.S. I got it in white...already got complements on the color)


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I love the flared leg fit. Its a hard thing to find in the baggy-pant world of snowboarding. Not too tight to wear they don't provide the rider comfort.

My only complaint is the drab color selection. I'd love to see this same fit in banana yellow--not necessarily denim finish either.

But any rate. I'm stoked about my new pants. Can't wait for the 09/10 season so I can put them to action.


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I've got to say before I bought these CGs in red I unknowingly made fun of my friend for wearing the white ones calling him out for wearing 'Hollywood stunner shades' on an overcast day.

Although these are a little blingy with the gold trim. They're in your face, bright and I love that.

I get compliments daily in my CGs


Unanswered Question

My first question is why the hell are all the RAD yellow puffies lacking powder skirts??? If you're cold enough to where down wouldn't you think you'd be up to your ass crack in pow?

Second does this jacket zip into the Holden Dorri Denim pant? I just bought this pant and saw it has zip in technology on the waist. Now I am searching for a bright as @*#! jacket to zip my denim pants into.

Thanks (and please tell someone to make a killer bright ass yellow jacket with a powder skirt for me)

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I really love these shorts. Sometimes you just don't feel like wearing short shorts. On those days these shorts will do you good. They're a little longer but not granny-style. Good fit, bright color, Volcom stone on your ass. What's not to love?


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I thought the description said this tank was great for its longer length but when it arrived I disagreed. It isnt super duper short so I kept it and was happy enough to keep it.

The major downfall is how quickly it loses its shape. By the end of the day it loses its form. It is definitely not a shirt you could wear two times in a row. Not that I make a habit of wearing dirty clothes but hey sometimes it happens when you're on the road.


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I originally bought this skirt in a small. I'm 5'6" and 120 pounds...usually a size small or size 3 does the trick but when I tried to put this skirt on it was either meant to sit way up high Steve Urkell style or it was a size too small.

I loved the look of the skirt though so I sent it back for a medium. The medium fits lower around my hips like I thought I wanted it to but once I had it on I wasnt quite sure anymore where it was supposed to sit, I did end up wearing it though and everyone who saw me in it said it was cute so I guess it worked.

I think I'm still confused though


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I had heard that ESTs are supposed to change your life... at first I was stuck in my old ways convinced that my old set up was just fine. But I kid you not from my very first run on my new Stria with these bindings I felt like Super Woman. You can literally feel the surface beneath you and going flat at top speeds is easy as pie. LOVE my ESTs and my Stria