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Anybody have experience w/ the wide version of these or the Fugitives? Either of these seem to fit very well for me in size 12 aside from the outside edge of the toebox bumping against the next toe in from the pinky of my left foot when pushing off on it or descending. Would the Wide version primarily add to the fore foot or does it also add a lot of volume to the instep/ankle/heel?

I'm a little gun shy at this point as I'm now stuck w/ a pair of 11.5 Fugitives that felt fine in the store and in the 2 days I wore them around the house before hitting the trail but became pretty painful in this area when carrying load for more than a mile or so. I paid for a pair of 12 Flames tonight and did around 1.5 miles of laps inside my house w/ a ~30# pack and was noticing a slight interaction of the same problem toe w/ the toebox. Any suggestions for other boots w/ similar fit/function w/ a bit larger toebox?

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Have two of these, a 2L and a 3L, and haven't experienced either of the leaking issues (quick connect or lid) using in a Dakine Drafter or old MULE for MTB, an Osprey Karve for snow stuff, and an Osprey Ether for backpacking. I'm a notorious overpacker as well so there should be plenty of opportunity for gear to put pressure on the connections and the lid.

Definitely many improvements over the older 3L bladder that came w/ my MULE. The shape definitely seems to be much flatter, the lid is much easier to open and is wider allowing easier access for cleaning, the integrated stand and internal baffles make it alot easier to get it to stay open for drying, and the quick connect is a must have IMO especially for winter packs w/ internal insulated tube routing.

Barring any future problems w/ the leaking described by others, I'm pretty happy w/ mine.