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I got this suit after seeing it on the mountain, it's sick looking. I love it and get tons of compliments. The pro and con at the same time is, I'm 5'11" with long legs and arms. This suit is amazingly, long enough for me! The con is, because I'm so tall, I actually can't use the hood. When I put the hood on over my helmet, it's too short, and I just simply can't use it.
I love all the vents, pitzips, inner thigh, and back vents. It has tons of pockets for stashing stuff. I don't like the zipper on the cargo pockets, they are hard to zip up around the curves of the pocket. I have to use two hands usually to get them zipped, one to hold the pants down on the one side, the other to get the zipper up and around the curves of the pocket.
This suit is waterproof and warm. Great on powder days, not so good for touring.

Overall, a pretty decent one piece.


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So, I've rocked lots of goggles in my time. Vowed I'd never rock Oakley's, but gave in after hearing such good things. I absolutely love these! They are my first pair of polarized as well, and the difference is amazing. Even in flat light, they add definition to the mountain around me! They haven't fogged up, even when bending over to strap into my board, nor when I bury my face in my jacket to keep warm on the stinging cold days! I definitely recommend this goggle.


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Ok, so I have a weird shaped foot, I've decided. I have never been able to wear a women's specific boot until this year. I have suffered through heel lift of astronomical proportions so I could at least not be in serious pain when riding.
This boot actually holds my heel down most of the time. I do still get some heel lift, so I put the J-bars in that come with the boot and that helped some.
The biggest problem right now, is I'm still in serious pain when riding in them, but they are breaking in.
Day 1: Wanted to cry
Day 2: Could only manage one run my feet hurt so bad from the day before. Took a break.
Day 3: Hurt still, but not as bad.
Day 4: Managed more than one run after riding the previous day. Started at 8:45 , but had had enough by noon.

So, there you have it. I would guess by Days 8-10 they should be getting more broken in and feeling pretty decent.
So yeah, minus the break in time for these boots, I so far really love them. Where I'm not in pain (only around my ankles) they are super comfy!