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It took as little as 5 minutes for me to never want to take off my asyms!

The buds that come with the iphone/ipod hurt my ears really bad. Skullcandy in general are nice since you can customize the in-ear cushion, but most buds will hurt my ears, or they wont stay in for 5 minutes. Try biking, running, or doing any activity that requires you to move and buds will not stay in.

I once had a pair of headphones that clipped over the ear and that would a great idea, they stayed put, but again would hurt behind and inside the ear. Finally, the simplest design that allows you to utilize the cable as the over ear clip and the fit on the bud itself is incredible!

The volume controls is tough and will not move at the slightest touch. This is good for me since I run the cable under my shirt often.

The iphone model is stellar and a quality mic for sure. In fact I have the ipod touch and found an app that will allow me to make calls on it with the mic so double bonus for me!

Cable is transparent but braided underneath and looks super sturdy.

Get your last pair of headphones with these guys. They look a little different, but you wont look like a dinkus that cannot keep his ear buds in while charging up a mountain, or down it again.


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I have the Xl and yeah I fill it sadly. It is super durable. i have taken it to Alaska, and many a camping trips. I actually have the white one and it gets a little durable but easily washable. It turns a lot of heads because it is such a bright color where you normally dont see white. The extra shoulder straps turn into a way to carry it like a backpack. I have hucked this up 2 miles before like that. If you place your gear right it will feel moderately comfy.

The other nice thing is how water resistant it is. It will keep everything dry in a heavy rain. (I tested it with a hose.) It is not waterproof, but will keep dry if closed. I might have to snag a smaller one for a lighter trip too. Great for anything, rope bag, trailing a bike on a hitch etc.