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I rated these boots as 4 stars because the boots are great (my second pair) once you find the right size. Salomon has a serious math problem with their sizing charts.

My old Salomon boot tongue said 12.5 shoe size, 30CM. I wanted a bit smaller fit so I ordered a 29CM, which backcountry.com said was an 11 shoe size. I only wanted to go down one shoe size (to an 11.5), but figured 1 CM was a good enough decrease. I got the boot and the box says a 29 CM is a 10.5 shoe size instead of 11. I agree with the box, as the 29 CM was a tad bit too short for me. How can my first pair of boots be 30 CM = 12.5 shoe size and now the box says 30 CM = 11.5 shoe size. I understand the mondo sizing system and such, but Salomon's box and boot tongue say CM and are in conflict with each other. It's crazy that to downsize one shoe size, I needed to order the exact same CM size as before (30). Very confusing, and caused me several shipments back and forth with backcountry.com to figure out this issue. Of course, backcountry.com took care of me and got me the right boot, but I feel bad they had to spend money on Salomon's issue.

Picture below shows the old boot tongue, new boot tongue, and Salomon box...all in conflict with each other.

What the heck is wrong with Salomon sizing?


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My son loves this helmet and it's a very good fit. Thank god Giro finally went to the adjustable head bands inside their helmets to save me from replacing our children's every year when they outgrow the old style.


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Got this bag because I have one of their golf bags...glad I did. Held up well for a couple trips. I would definitely recommend Ogio over a Burton bag. Burton's quality is absolute crap the past several years.