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I bought this according to chest size in inches. The small fit perfectly around the chest, shoulders and arms. It's not super baggy as some would think from Burton products, nor is it skin tight. The sleeve length is long enough cover part of my palm before stretching. But the length below the waist covers my crotch area. This is great for those who want full length coverage, but I use it primarily for cold weather working.

I've worn it for a whole work week (~6hrs a night outside) without washing and the thermal stays fresh, while I stay cheesy. It feels silky smooth and you hardly notice it there after a few moments. It's also pretty breathable so you don't feel like you're secretly making cheese under your shirt.


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I do most of my riding at night, that's when I'm available the most. But sometimes I'll take a trip and ride during the day. I have persimmon lenses and sometimes it just feels like it's not cutting it. What could I get to replace them and still be user friendly at night? A buddy of mine as the Pink iridium ones and complains about too much glare on sunny days.

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I've had two pairs of these already and they work great. They do tend to run small, so if you wear a small glove, go for medium. The mitt itself does keep your digits pretty warm even without the glove inside. You'll only have to worry about getting wet if you have the vents open and if you tend to handle the snow often. The mitt fits pretty nice, but with the insert it might be a little snug for some.

I've had mine for two seasons already and haven't had any real issues with them as far as quality. However, my digits do get a little moisture from time to time. But that's probably just normal wear and tear. A good coating of waterproofing should bring them back to new again.

Overall... I see them as a 3/1 system mitt/glove combo. You can wear the mitts by themselves and stay warm. Wear them with the glove insert for the extra cold days or just wear the glove insert by themselves for spring time riding. For all that, I think they're worth the investment.

Oh yeah, I also like how it's a mitt and not a mitt with a built in glove. With your digits moving freely and touching each other, its easier to get and keep them warm.