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This thing goes with us everywhere and charges all kinds of things. It's small so it is easy to pack and carry along. Love.


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I have so many things wrong with my feet (plantar fasciitis and soreness in my ankles and heels) and have tried a lot of different insoles. These have been amazing! I've been on my feet at work all day, taken them to workout and my feet don't hurt like they used to at all! The construction of these insoles are really well made. There is a lot to consider when ordering these things, but it's well worth it! 100% recommend.


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The idea of the 2 in 1 is appealing. The pillow's fluff is made up of little Styrofoam pebbles. After taking 3 naps, the pillow was flatter. The stitching by the zipper was coming undone. Product returned.


4 5

A few years ago I got 2 of the "Eagle Creek Comfort Travel Pillow" which, this "Sandman" looks exactly like. Inflating it is super easy! Just a heads up with the inflate pillow idea though... I love the idea, it's so so handy to travel with, folds up and stores easily and it's super comfortable. The down side is that it got a hole in the seam, so I would wake up from my sleep with my pillow deflated. Eagle Creek does replace it for free if this happens, I'd know cause it has happened 4 times. They just keep sending me a new one. Every couple times they get used, a hole appears. Will I keep using them and sending them back... YES! It's worth it to me.

Oh, and this type of pillow (U shape) is so much more comfortable if worn around the front of your neck and not the back of your neck. Yes, you may look weird, but it's so much more comfortable and it holds your head/neck/chin up instead of having your head hang down. Try it!