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4 5

This screwdriver is a perfect tool to have while traveling or just in your car. It has everything you need to make adjustments to skis and snowboards. Including stance width with the measuring tape. A bit big to fit in your pocket, but that's not what I bought it for. I took off a star because when you're loosening or tightening something sometimes the ratchet moves. But that's no big deal.

I highly recommend this tool.


4 5

Great iron for anyone who wants to get into diy ski tuning. Easy settings for cold, all, and warm temp waxes. Now that I've gotten better at tuning and know more about waxes I would like to get a more adjustable iron. It's also much wider than other irons which is nice for snowboards and fat skis.

Great for beginners and recreational tuners. Super easy to use.

I highly recommend this iron.


3 5

I got these because I keep ruining my expensive gloves and mittens in the park. They are great for grabs and holding up to things like that. However when they say "water-resistant" It means that you can touch solid ice and not have a problem. But because these gloves have no insulation the weather you use them in is warm. So the snow is soft and slushy. My hands always get cold within a couple of hours of use. If you ski they'd be great, but for snowboarding, not my favorite.


5 5

I love the fit of this helmet. It doesn't come down too far in the front, and it isn't big and bulky like the Giros that I've owned in the past. The ventilation is amazing, my head seems to be at perfect temperature in the spring heat and January bitter cold. The audio in the helmet is also a great plus. The goggle defog vents in the front aren't a gimik. They legitimately work.

Bottom line, my favorite helmet I've used so far.
I highly recommend it.