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Soooo I paid the full price for these about a week before they went on sale, not a reason for disliking them at all though. Before these bibs i ran a pair of Foursquare 8k pants, and they seemed to be WAY more waterproof than these. So far I've had about 20 days in these bibs and I'm rather unimpressed. For a 15k waterproof and breath ability I definitely expected more. I'm riding in the BC interior, Red Mountain, Whitewater....both known for dry snow but a lot of it, after a half days riding in PUKING snow the pants showed signs of taking on water around the waist and ankles. It was snowing rather heavily on the lift so snow settling on my lap would melt and seep in. At no point did I get cold, which was awesome, but I did expect more from these bibs. They are also much too heavy for touring, which I do a lot of. I thought I'd save myself some money by getting these and not Gore-Tex, but now I wish I spent the extra. Don't buy these if you think they will keep you completely dry, they will not. But they will keep you warm!!!
Sorry Volcom, I do love the bibs, but am spewing about the lack of waterproofness!!!


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Hey ya'll, this is the second pair of Spy Trevor's I have bought. The first pair were amazing, but after a day shredding pow i thought it wise to dry them out sitting on top of the heater......don't do this, as the 2 lenses will separate and warp. BUT, i replaced them with another pair. Riding today at Red Mountain in BC was a pow day with conditions warming up quickly. I was riding with 2 mates, both their goggs fogged up relentlessly (Smith Prodigy, and Von Zipper Feenom) but lil old me with my $50 goggs was cruisin in un-fogged style! I have run Smith Phenoms prior to thes, and they fogged alot, i also ran Anon Realms and they too fogged. I reckon Spy are onto it with the Trevors....not to mention that mine also glow in the dark! BOOM!!!