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When it comes to sound i am pretty picky, i have a few stereo systems and am an admitted sound junkie. That said i am surprised that in the technical spec portion the frequency response, and the sensitivity was not listed, because when you hear them you can understand, but without the numbers before you do it is hard to imagine headphones with so much bass at this price. For those of you that care here are those numbers: Fq. Res. 5 - 20 KHz, and Sensitivity (S.P.L.) 108+ - 3dB (at 1 KHz). for anyone unfamiliar with those numbers, that is well above and below the human audible range which is generally 15 to 20 Hz on the low and 10 to 12 KHz on the high side. The sensitivity was their only downfall, the mids were a little less than perfectly smooth, but all things considered that is ok given the fact that these things seem to be built just as they are dubbed, TANKS.
They get 5 stars because at this price without going into an audiophile set of phones (which are very delicate, nice for a home stereo but not if they ever see the outside world, and which range in price from $50 to $10 grand) TANKS cant be beat.
Everyone has an Mp3 player these days (that is what i use these for the most myself) and often dont realize that if you play these through an actual component stereo you will can achieve those highs and lows with full range, rather than with the mp3 compressed audio format, if you dont ever hear what that is like you are not giving them a chance to shine. Try to find vinyl, a good radio station, either an original cd or the first burn of it at full WAV format and if you have the right sound equipment they can be a quite the cosmic experience, whatever you do with them enjoy.
I will be putting them to the test for as long as they will withstand my abuse, after which i plan to write a follow up, hopefully that will be no sooner than 5 to 15 years if they are built as tough as they look. Some suggestions for great test audio would be, Marley, Sublime, Floyd, or any digital with silly highs and lows, Keller Williams, Beck just to name a few.
Grado and Seinheizer might have them beat for pure audiophile sound Quality, but then look at that price tag and realize why. Again I am picky about my sound to say the least so if any one has found another pair of headphones similar to this please post it because I think these things are effin silly, and if there is anything out there that can rival them I would love to know about them.
Everything we encounter in our lives is one form of vibration or wave, do yourself a favor and get your head soaked with the vibe.