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Love the liners as the fit is true to size and they fit well inside of my gloves but the touchscreen ability is horrible. Unlike the newer version of these liners where the capacitive touch screen ability is woven into the fabric itself these just use stickers stuck to your thumb and pointer finger and for some reason when it is really cold outside they simply just do not work that well. Maybe it is because the sticker is less flexible or something but this is exactly why I bought them. Take a pass on these if your looking to use your touchscreen phone out in the cold.


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I have had this lock for the pass couple of seasons. It is really only good for locking up one board but you can push it and get a second board tied in.

Lock is lightweight and compact. I just toss it in my hip pocket and forget it is there till it is needed.

That being said after two seasons it is starting to wear, cable does not retract as well as it used to and because of the way that you set the combination you can sometimes accidentally change the number by one position when you lock the cable.


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Great carving boot. The boots are stiff, warm, and very comfortable. I upgraded to these from a pair of Burton Boxers. The dual-zone lacing and modified toe box improved my boot comfort quite a bit. Used to have a pressure point at the front of my old boots that would cut into how much riding time I could get into a day. Now that is completely gone and I can ride all day long. The boot is very responsive and great when you need to really hold an edge on the icy conditions we sometimes get here on the east coast.

My only two complaint is I have had the speed zone laces loosen up on me a couple times already and I only have a few days of riding on them. Makes me wonder what happens when the lock that holds the laces in place wears out, does not look like an easy part to replace. Also the price is a bit hard to swallow, but I guess if you want absolute comfort you just have to pay for it sometimes.