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It's hard to go wrong with a stylish knit of heavy duty wool. The inside is lined with fleece so you're not itching all day, and it's sure to keep you warm all night.

I have a pretty big head and the fit was fine. Looks great on men and women.


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I had been using an older CamelBak bladder forever, since I prefer it over other bladders. I got some new Antiodote bladders to put in some new backpacks, and I love them!

The divider is awesome. It prevents it from sitting awkwardly in your pack like a balloon, and makes it easier to handle.

The Quick-snap cap that tightens with just a quarter turn is great, and saves my thumb from the pain of trying to screw caps on.

Bottom line: Awesome product. You will definitely be happy with it.


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These shoes are my go-to shoe for...everything. I have three pairs of these and I wear them everywhere. The blucher style of these shoes fits me better than the other Vans styles due to my wide wheels, but it also makes them a lot more comfortable.

Plus, I always get compliments from the ladies when I wear them.


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These board shorts are schnazzy. The 22 inch inseam means they come right down on my knee, unlike most other board shorts which stay above it. The trend among board shorts recently is getting shorter, but I'm a fan of longer board shorts because my thighs aren't much for the ladies.

The H2 Repel coating is great. It beads water away quickly and dries faster than other shorts. It's nothing like Billabong's PX1, but it does the job better than other shorts. It's likely that the H2 Repel coating will wear off in years of use and abuse, but you're more likely to rip your shorts gaining weight before then, right?


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These Aerial7 Chopper2 headphones are the recent edition of Aerial7's original Chopper headphones. Not much changed as far as the build goes from last year, just a few new colors for this season.

The headphones are basically what you pay for. The build is not as solid as some of the higher-end headphones and the bass is a little weak compared to some of the more expensive models, but overall they get the job done and leave you smilin' because you have sick tunes pumpin' in your ears.

The style is sweet. You can't beat lookin' like you're riding copilot in a Black Hawk while you're walking around campus. Who knows, maybe you'll even get air force recruiters on your tail pleading you to be their new poster boy.

Yeah, you'll look that good.