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I've worn a bunch of watches in the past few years.... always like a bunch of features but dislike a bunch too. I've been wearing this Nixon a while now and I like it. I like it a lot. The band has tons of holes so you can get it to fit you just right. That's hard to find in most watches. It doesn't seem to break when you wear it for stuff other than posing- like going to the gym or punching cows on the prairie. It doesn't tear up my wrist when I wear it under gloves and that sort of thing. When you're done with all that functional crap that ties up life, you can wear it to the honky-tonk and still walk with a limp. Versatile: check.


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I like these a lot. I used to ride Burton Freestyles when I was a chump but they sucked (they've improved them since, but still). I bought some Rossi Jones's too... don't ask me why. I've rode a lot of others too and these Ride Delta MVMNT are as good as any others I've rode. They are comfy and responsive and SOLID and that's all you can ask for.

The ratchets take a little getting used to (like 10 minutes) but they work great despite what a lot of losers say. The only complaint I have is the baseplates. Cool idea making them adjustable for boot sizes. Thing is I wear a size 12 and like the binding back so I don't go toe surfing. When I set the binding in I have to turn the baseplate around to get the right angle, then slide it backwards to the mounting holes without F#ck*ng up my dial. It's kinda a pain in the ass when it winds up on the wrong setting. No more complaints though!

BTW - I got my size 12 boot to fit in a friend's 9/11 size binding once and rode all day. It squeezed on the sides though so I recommend ordering the right size. Just saying....


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Great bindings for the most part... really responsive and the convertible toe strap works way better than I thought it would. They're also super light and easy to work with... Only problem is I don't like the base plate. It's not marked well and so it's a pain in the ass to adjust. If they fixed that, these bindings would take the oscar.


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I'm going on my 3rd season with a pair of these and they are floppier than ballet slippers! They're super comfortable when you're walking around the village or running 100 meter hurdles, but when you're on Jupiter Peak you'll wish you had a little more support. If you're just taking laps in the park they're great. After about 150 days of wear they haven't fallen apart so they can't be THAT cheap!!