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These seem really well made, and I know a few people who have them and really like them. However I found the sizing very odd and frustrating.

According to the size chart, I'm a medium (6'1", 185#, 32/32), but a medium was very tight and FAR too short. My ankles were exposed and I couldn't even get the suspenders on. Tried a Large which was barely longer (hardly touched my feet, major wedgie with the suspenders on), barely wider on the thighs, but flared out as if the intended purchaser had pin legs and a big belly. I'm not sure what's up but I returned them without using. Wish I could select both 'runs small' and 'runs large.'

Again, they seem nice if they fit you but definitely try them on.


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Great pants, well made and comfortable. Definitely a roomy cut but not overly steezy. The outer fabric is super burly, one of the heaviest weight fabrics I've seen used with GoreTex. This does make them pretty heavy and fairly warm but I think that's a plus for resort/sidecountry skiing which is what they're made for. I have these and the Freerider Jacket and I absolutely love them together.

6'1" 32/34 185#, Medium fits great.


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Really nice gloves. The leather's really supple and grips well and the softshell fabric on the back of the hand breathes well. These keep my hands warm while hiking/skinning down to about 20F (maybe lower but I haven't tested them that cold), but because they are thin I'll get cold hands when carrying an axe at those temps. I think it's a good balance of insulation and dexterity though; I can put on and adjust my crampons without taking these gloves off. My only complaint is that water seems to get through the seams when the day warms up and the snow gets wet, I assume because the seams aren't taped. Generally a minor issue as I'm usually on my way out by the time this happens. Bottom line, I lost my first pair of these and I'm buying another pair, no hesitation.


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Really nice pants. Well suited for resort skiing and the full zip lets you vent as much as you want for backcountry skinning. My only complaint is that the fabric is not particularly hard-wearing, I have visible scuffs and a few small tears in the outer fabric on the seat and other areas from minor falls and such. Definitely not something I'd wear mountaineering but comfortable and stylish for skiing.

Sizing: 6'1", 32/34, 180#, size medium fits perfectly.