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so I've had 2 pairs of these gloves they are pretty sick. I've had snow get in side the glove at the top of the Mountain buy the time I get to the bottom the snow is liquid. then by the time Im at the top of the mountain the inside of the gloves are dry and my hands are warm. the gloves are great but they fall apart after about 20 days on the hill I have one pair toatlly shredded insulation falling out all over so I gave up on them. and copped another pair off Brociety for $20 and their ripped too so I got em' all duct taped up an they still work but I'm a fan of lasting products and burton has fallin off in that catagvorie both with these gloves and my 08 cartels Jake gets a wag of the finger


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I got This board in early December an got to shred some nice January Powder on this Fat(an Phat) deck then Sprained my ankle an I'm back on it for some nice spring season rippin anyway This deck is super light an bursting with pop (makes lil dirt gaps an flat threes super fun!) I defiantly notice the impact plates after over popping a lip an gapin to total flat. Its also got enough flex to butter around a slide boxin an rails with steez an eazz my only complaint is that little bit of my top sheet are crackin off but so far it just cosmetic so w/e maybe I'll fiberglass it a lil board in the off season but OverAll A amazing Board well worth the cash