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I have the one from 2008 and its an amazing board. It will handle everything you throw at it and then some. I have rode in everything from typical So Cal slush, ice, and powder (including the 15' of snow Mammoth got over the holidays) and it hasn't let me down in any condition. Pretty fast base, solid construction, and crazy amounts of pop, this board is definitely made to own the jumps. It can definitely jib as well, just don't expect any crazy presses without working hard for them. I have had this board the same amount of time my buddy has had his Burton Blunt, and while his topsheet AND base are starting to peel up, my DC is still holding strong, and it has been through all the same terrain and reckless skiers running over the top of our boards in the lift line... DC makes some beast boards, and I will have mine for more seasons to come.


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For being $240 bindings, the ratchets and straps that come on these are a joke. Ratchets are cheap and have a ton of side to side play which is not comforting, and the strap quality is iffy at best. Other than that, I was dying to try out the wedgie footbeds, especially since I rock a slightly wider stance, but after riding with them, I didn't notice anything too amazing. It wasn't uncomfortable by any means, but it wasn't a life changing experience either. The highback had nice flex though, Ride did do a good job with it. Ultimately I returned these, couldn't justify $230 for these, especially with the cheap ass ratchets.


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I have had these bindings for my 2nd season now, and while cosmetically they look like they have been through a war, they still function like new. The ratchets still feel solid and work like new (which is more than I can say for Ride's bindings) and I have no problems with the baseplate or the hell cup. The screw slats on the disc however are kinda awkward to use and manipulate and the fact that they aren't covered up by the footbed is annoying, ice loves to get packed on top of the screws... Cosmetically though, I feel these bindings could use some better paint. I have the orange and teal ones from last year, and the orange paint on the aluminum parts has faded to a sort of light peach, and the paint chips off way too easy on all parts of the bindings. Also, the toe straps got a little torn up after only a few rides, but haven't gotten any worse since. Regardless, I am constantly getting comments and compliments on the two color scheme, so big props to Forum for that. Overall pretty solid binders, I would take Forums over Ride's any day.